elections 2013

Ukip puts recapturing Labour seats at risk

Bob Blizzard  |  17 June 2014

One of the biggest surprises of my political life was walking into the count for Waveney’s  2013 county council elections. In the midterm of a Tory government I had expected that Labour would win all eight of the Lowestoft wards, all won by the Tories in the disaster of 2009. But on each counting table …

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The work begins today

David Talbot  |  13 May 2013

As the dust settles from an inconclusive bout of county council elections, which left all, now four, party leaders with much to ponder, eyes flicker to the looming general election two years hence. Before that, though, UKIP seem almost certain to top the poll in the European elections next May. The mystery will be whether …

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A majority within reach

Editorial  |  10 May 2013

The general elections of 1945, 1979 and 1997 are rightly deemed to be milestones in postwar British political history. But if Ed Miliband leads Labour to victory in 2015, that achievement will instantly earn itself a place in the history books. Put to one side Labour’s narrow win in February 1974 – when it won …

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Back in the jungle

Angela Eagle MP  |  9 May 2013

I began business questions by welcoming our newest MP to the House of Commons. Emma Lewell-Buck will be a fighter for her constituents, and it is brilliant that she is the first woman to represent South Shields. I also welcomed Nadine Dorries back to the Conservative fold, after she was allowed back in the party …

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We need to up our game

Peter Hain  |  8 May 2013

Especially given we were fighting county councils which were natural Tory or Lib Dem territory, Labour had some good results last Thursday: new mayors in Doncaster and North Tyneside, taking control of Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire councils, and even winning a county council seat in Witney – Cameron’s backyard. Our progress in the south was encouraging …

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Nigel Farage’s Independence day

Lewis Baston  |  7 May 2013

UKIP’s triumph in the local elections did not just damage the Tories The overall results of the local elections of 2013 were towards the middle of the spectrum of expectations. A net gain of 291 seats was not at all bad for Labour, and there are several areas where the party now has a chance …

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Filling in the colouring book

Stephen Bush  |  7 May 2013

In 2004 the Liberal Democrats gained a 123 seats. Labour kept calm, carried on, and duly won a third general election. In 2013 the United Kingdom Independence party won 139 seats, and now the whole coalition agreement is up for sale. That puts a Conservative majority firmly in the realms of science fiction rather than …

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Not just ‘gin and jag’

Paul Richards  |  3 May 2013

If you heard Nigel Farage on BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme this morning, you’ll have heard a masterclass in dissembling. Farage has a right to be triumphant this morning. After the results of the overnight counts, his party is winning more seats than predicted, across the UK, with more to come today. He will have …

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The only way is Essex

Jordan Newell  |  3 May 2013

As the sun rose over Essex this morning, there was one result from our county council elections that all sides agreed on – Essex county council has never been so politically diverse. ‘Essex Man’ has always been a pretty good barometer of what the population as a whole thinks and feels, and the outcome of …

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Taking seats direct from the Tories

Luke Akehurst  |  1 May 2013

Thursday’s council elections are the most difficult in the cycle for Labour. There are no elections in most of the biggest urban areas, including London and the six former metropolitan counties, nor in Scotland, nor in Wales except for Anglesey. Instead, the main battleground is the rural shire counties, which were largely gerrymandered in a …

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