Emmanuel Macron

The French Exception

Conor Pope  |  27 November 2017

The biggest driver of Emmanuel Macron appears to be his own ambition – but that is not his shortcoming, writes Conor Pope What is centrism? Is it a coherent political ideology, simply a rejection of ones that already exist, or just a dismissive attack by the radical left on social democrats? Whatever it is, everyone …

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Start-up new relations

Alex Mitchell  |  20 November 2017

Britain should look to Macron, not Merkel, for the entrepreneurial future Europe needs, with or without Brexit, argues Alex Mitchell Emmanuel Macron had an epic rise to the Élysée palace, changing the political system in which he operates. In a marked contrast with the rise of Donald Trump, he aggressively courted the centre of French politics. …

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Austria takes a rightwards turn

Philipp Novak  |  18 October 2017

Sebastian Kurz’s rapid rise to the top of Austrian politics could result in the dismantling of the welfare state, cuts in social benefits and a renewal of euroscepticism, writes Philipp Novak The result of the Austrian legislative election brought about a swing to the right. Both conservatives and rightwing populists have increased their votes, while the …

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Will Macron bring Britain back into the EU?

Alan Lockey  |  10 May 2017

Emmanuel Macron is determined to reform the European Union – if he succeeds he might pave Britain’s way back in, argues Alan Lockey The symbolism was inescapable. As the masses thronged in the courtyard of the Palais du Louve, the tenth president of the Fifth Republic strode out to meet them backed by a cacophonous …

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How En Marche! is already changing French politics

Alex Porter  |  9 May 2017

Following Emmanuel Macron’s victory, his new party is looking set to storm the French parliamentary elections, writes Alex Porter Progressives throughout Europe are celebrating the resounding victory of Emmanuel Macron’s victory in the weekend’s presidential election, as evidence that successful political campaigns can still be waged in the centre ground. With most of Europe’s left arguing over …

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Macron on the march?

Alex Porter  |  28 April 2017

The French presidential frontrunner will be competing against low turnout to hold back the tide of populism, says Alex Porter Polling, as we are all keenly aware, has been wrong before. Although the outcomes of the upcoming elections either side of the Channel seem set in stone, pundits remain reluctant to place their bets too …

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Who is in control?

Roger Liddle  |  13 April 2017

Theresa May has limited her hard Brexit options, argues former Tony Blair adviser Roger Liddle The British political class may be obsessed with Brexit, but the continent’s political world is not. Among European social democrats, there is widespread sadness about Britain’s vote to leave: pained disbelief that for all the European Union’s manifest imperfections, anyone …

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Our Rorschach test

The Progressive  |  2 March 2017

Emmanuel Macron stands the best chance of beating Marine Le Pen but offers no hope for Labour’s modernisers Twenty years ago, the centre was radical, popular – even, at times, exciting. The Third Way was ascendant. Wim Kok, Gerhard Schroder, and Lionel Jospin were in power. When Bill Clinton sat down in 1997 to dine with Tony Blair at …

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The Last Word: Byelection disasters

Richard Angell  |  24 February 2017

Corbyn’s project claims another victim, Macron’s clarion call and Daily Mail hypocrisy – Progress director Richard Angell has this week’s Last Word Congratulations to Gareth Snell on holding Stoke-on-Trent Central for Labour. Commiserations to Gill Troughton who ran a brilliant campaign in Copeland. They both did us proud and Labour activists from all wings of the …

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The start of a centre-left revival?

William Bain  |  22 February 2017

The popularity of Emmanuel Macron and Martin Schulz has turned the narrative of the inevitable decline of the European centre-left on its head, writes William Bain Visiting Paris and Berlin last autumn to speak with politicians and commentators on the common challenges faced by the centre-left in Europe, despondency was everywhere. Disaster was predicted in …

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