English Democrats

A coalition of students and workers

John Paul McHugh  |  9 August 2013

The stated mission of our trade union is to empower working people and create better communities. We know that one of the most effective ways to improve the lives of our members is to work to elect a Labour government. We are proud to be proactive supporters of the party and passionate about campaigning on …

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Nigel Farage’s Independence day

Lewis Baston  |  7 May 2013

UKIP’s triumph in the local elections did not just damage the Tories The overall results of the local elections of 2013 were towards the middle of the spectrum of expectations. A net gain of 291 seats was not at all bad for Labour, and there are several areas where the party now has a chance …

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Beyond the comfort zone

Lewis Baston  |  8 February 2013

This year’s local elections take place in tough territory for Labour but advances are possible, writes Lewis Baston LOCAL elections will take place in May for 27 English shire county councils, eight unitary authorities in England and two mayoral contests. In Wales the election for the Isle of Anglesey council was postponed in 2012 and …

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Uprooting the far-right: a step-by-step guide

Mark Davis and Jane Heggie  |  27 November 2012

Mark Davis and Jane Heggie on the lessons of their fight against the British National party ✓ Campaign all year round. People who are inclined to support the far-right are often very cynical about mainstream politics. Being contacted by the party for the first time in ages just a few weeks before an election only …

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Town hall knows best

Editorial  |  26 January 2012

Labour should back directly elected mayors this May and press the government to devolve more powers to them It is perhaps unsurprising that Ed Miliband does not appear an enthusiast for directly elected mayors. The first holder of the post in his Doncaster constituency, Martin Winter, was expelled from the Labour party and a motion …

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