Labour must speak for England

Joe Jervis  |  21 April 2017

The left has to embrace an inclusive, social democratic patriotism if they hope to win in England and form a government again, argues Joe Jervis I have a hunch that when historians analyse this decade of Labour doom the defining image will not be of Ed Miliband stood awkwardly next to a ridiculous giant stone or failing …

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Imagine no chicken tikka masala

Paul Richards  |  14 December 2012

Last Sunday I attended the Bangladesh Caterers’ Association awards. The UK ‘Indian’ restaurant and take-away trade (the quote marks are there to remind you that most ‘Indian’ restaurants are owned and run by Bangladeshis) is worth up to £3.6 billion. It employs 80,000 people, more than the number of steelworkers, dentists or solicitors in Britain. …

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