Air quality is a life or death issue for Londoners

Leonie Cooper  |  11 August 2017

Today’s environment strategy is the first step in making Sadiq Khan’s green ambition for London a reality – and there is not a garden bridge gimmick in sight, writes Leonie Cooper AM Boris Johnson’s mayoral policies were rarely dull. From the two hundred million pounds garden bridge to the ‘much needed’ Thames cable car (used by …

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Towards a greener world of aviation

Parmjit Dhanda  |  11 August 2017

Heathrow expansion offers much more than a new runway. It is part of a new era of airport design and function, argues Back Heathrow executive director Parmjit Dhanda The proposed new runway project is the biggest privately funded infrastructure project in Europe. So, unsurprisingly, there are numerous hoops it must jump through before the first plane …

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No green Brexit

Mary Creagh MP  |  8 February 2017

May is pursuing a strategy that will harm our environment as well as our economy, argues Mary Creagh MP Theresa May’s speech on Brexit was an opportunity for her to set out her plans to put Britain’s national interest first as we leave the European Union. Instead, in order to placate her backbenchers, she has put the …

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Trump has not blown climate agenda off course yet

Polly Billington and Scott Langdon  |  5 December 2016

Climate change politics have changed a lot since Ed Miliband emerged bleary-eyed into a freezing cold Copenhagen dawn insisting the negotiations were not in tatters and achieving progress was still possible. He was half right. Climate change campaigners learned from their mistakes and despite the risks that lie in Trump’s presidency we no longer go …

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Making the green case for Europe

Andrew Pakes  |  9 March 2016

Amidst the acrimony and blue-on-blue infighting, the actual case for British membership in Europe is in danger of getting lost. No doubt we need a better level of debate, but we also need a debate with the green case for Europe at its core. That is why today’s new report on the green evidence for …

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The business strategy for sustainable development

Carina Larsfälten  |  22 January 2016

This week in Davos, some 2,500 of the most influential leaders have come together to discuss global megatrends and their impact on business and society. Against the backdrop of last year’s agreements on the sustainable development goals and climate, it is not surprising that most of the discussions focus on how to now make this happen. The …

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