Europe referendum

It’s Europe, Europe, Europe, not Owen, Angela, Jeremy

Adam Harrison  |  22 July 2016

I admit it: I didn’t spot what Jeremy Corbyn said on the morning of Friday 24 June. I found out only later, at a packed meeting with Keir Starmer, our member of parliament, who told his local members what aroused his concerns. Corbyn’s call that morning for Article 50 to be activated immediately suggested he …

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Nothing compares to EU

Christabel Cooper  |  5 July 2016

At some stage in the early hours of Friday 24 June when all hope had vanished, when any positive Remain declarations were being greeted with an ironic cheer, one of the local Britain Stronger In Europe campaigners said to me in despair: ‘I don’t understand. We had all the facts on our side’. It still …

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Parliament faces an impossible choice

Mark Rowney  |  1 July 2016

Members of parliament will soon be faced with an impossible choice. Either reject the outcome of the Brexit referendum; or comply with the public’s instruction but simultaneously, exceed the scope of their mandate. That conundrum has not yet entered the public narrative; it urgently needs to do so. Brexit will not progress until we have …

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A new deal for Europe

Roger Liddle  |  28 June 2016

The last few days have been much the worst emotional trauma of a long political life. As the referendum results came in on early Friday morning, one’s only feeling was one of deep pain: that decades of commitment to Britain in Europe, and the nobility of the goal of a united Europe, had seemingly ended …

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The price of our failure

Sally Keeble  |  27 June 2016

There were two fat failures for the Labour party in the European referendum. One was the inability to mobilise the support of Labour supporters to vote for the party’s policy to remain in the European Union. The other was the inability to articulate the fears and concerns of voters who would normally look to Labour …

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Polling station

Labour has been found wanting

Stephen Beer  |  27 June 2016

The fallout from the referendum continues. A Tory leadership crisis has been followed by resignations from shadow cabinet members expressing discontent with the Labour leader. There is a vacuum at the centre of our national politics, which Labour should be filling. It is not. The Chancellor of the Exchequer has issued an emergency statement designed …

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Ditching the echo chamber

Christabel Edwards  |  27 June 2016

It is no good for Scotland and London to complain loudly and ask for their own independence referendums; that is like my household, a Remain stronghold, arguing for independence from our street. As the saying goes, ‘we’re all in this together,’ and this referendum result is simply the return on a political culture within our …

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Time to build a plan ahead of the onslaught

Jacqui Smith  |  24 June 2016

Through bitter and angry tears at 4.30am this morning, my overriding feeling was that I had let my children down. Parents of teenagers often know what this feels like, but today I realise I have let everyone else’s children down too. One of the reasons for the Leave vote is a feeling of immense alienation …

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Britain prospers when it looks outwards

Mike Katz  |  22 June 2016

This is it. The decision the country makes tomorrow is irreversible – if we decide to leave the European Union. It took a prime ministerial intervention on the steps of Downing Street yesterday, to make this point forcefully – particularly in the terms David Cameron made it in, which is that this is a vote …

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The last roll of the dice

Tom Railton  |  22 June 2016

As polling day approaches, political debate always seems to get more emotional, more tub-thumping, more heartfelt. For the cynic, it is the last desperate roll of the dice from politicians, a final flurry of crocodile tears to entice a public that badly wants to believe in something. The reality is almost the exact opposite. In …

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