Europe referendum

No to a referendum

Stephen Bush  |  21 May 2013

Ed Miliband is wrong: it’s time for a referendum on Europe. While we’re at it, I’ve never been consulted about the abandonment of the gold standard, so let’s throw that one in there, too. Ed Balls is a controversial figure: let’s have a referendum on whether or he should be chancellor of the exchequer. In …

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There must be an election on

Adam Harrison  |  24 April 2013

In the chamber today battlelines were drawn ahead of next week’s county polls as Conservative and Liberal Democrat politicians in particular used the platform of PMQs to sally forth for their local parties. Colchester’s Lib Dem MP Bob Russell called on the prime minister to back an independent inquiry into spending decisions taken by Essex …

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Referendum folly

Ben Bradshaw MP  |  24 January 2013

Tony Blair reminded us of his political genius and why he won three general elections when he mocked David Cameron’s Europe speech comparing the prime minister to the sheriff in the comedy western Blazing Saddles who points a gun at his own head and says: ‘You do what I want or I’ll shoot my brains …

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UKIP tail is wagging the Tory dog

Luke Akehurst  |  24 January 2013

I am trying my best to get excited about David Cameron’s ‘big speech’ on Europe. Mainly I am failing. I can think of a number of questions facing the UK today which are worthy of a fuss and really fundamental for the future wellbeing of the country: How do we restore economic growth? How do …

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A family affair

Amina Lone  |  23 January 2013

For today’s PMQs, we returned to the issue of our extended family in Europe dominating the benches. Like Aunt Ethel, we just cannot seem to shake those darn Europeans off. David Cameron’s speech this morning on Europe did promise his British ‘relatives’ the chance of a yes or no referendum on Europe. We just all …

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The dangers of Tory populism

Tristram Hunt MP  |  23 January 2013

‘No government can exist which does not control and restrain the popular sentiments.’ So said Robert Peel, who knew a thing or two about Tory party splits. However, clearly our tantric prime minister knows better – this morning David Cameron finally delivered his ‘jinxed’ speech on Europe, committing Britain to an in-out referendum soon after …

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Ed should have called for EU referendum

Will Straw  |  19 November 2012

Ed Miliband is right today to warn that Britain is ‘sleepwalking’ into leaving the EU. He is wrong, however, to rule out a referendum which is the only means by which pro-Europeans will be woken from their slumber. As set out in IPPR’s new report Staying In: A reform plan for Britain and Europe, Ed …

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No to Brexit

Denis MacShane MP  |  19 October 2012

Some months ago I coined the term Brexit – Britain exiting Europe in a Progress article.  Month by month the Brexit door opens ever wider. In numerous conversations with politicians, editors, civil servants and business leaders in different European countries there is a shrugging of shoulders as the assumption that Brexit will happen takes root. …

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