european arrest warrant

Crime works across borders; we must work together

David Taylor  |  23 February 2016

Whether or not the voters of North Wales elect me as police and crime commissioner on the 5 May, I will be campaigning for Britain to stay in the European Union in the referendum on the 23 June. In fact, if I am elected to head up the fight against crime in North Wales, my campaigning will …

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Why Britain needs the European arrest warrant

Claude Moraes MEP  |  12 February 2015

The United Kingdom Independence party has in today’s Telegraph set out its manifesto, including the promise to ‘reverse the opt-in to the European arrest warrant, because Britain believes in “innocent until proven guilty”’.  This is an example of a completely outdated and damaging manifesto commitment based on a completely out-of-date set of myths about the …

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‘A chance, not a  grievance’

Adam Harrison and Richard Angell  |  1 December 2014

We need to talk about globalisation, Pat McFadden tells Richard Angell and Adam Harrison Within weeks of the appointment of Pat McFadden as shadow minister for Europe, a succession of events and anniversaries would serve as stark reminders of the weight of history that bears down on the continent today: wrangles in the House of …

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A chief whip wanders around a zombie government

Angela Eagle MP  |  20 November 2014

I am getting a bit worried about the Tory chief whip. The first thing he did when he got this job was get stuck in the toilet, and I am afraid to say it has all gone down the pan since then. He has misplaced two members of parliament, he keeps losing votes and this …

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Home truths for Michael Gove

Jacqui Smith  |  17 November 2014

Parliamentary discontent with the government’s handling of EU crime and justice measures, in particular the European arrest warrant, rumbles on today in the House of Lords. Timothy Boswell, chair of the Lords European Union committee, is tabling a ‘statement of regret’ ie ‘We’re flipping peed off with the handling of this’, with the cross-party support …

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A good day for Ed to hit back on Europe

Claude Moraes MEP  |  10 November 2014

The contrast today could not be clearer. The Conservatives are hesitating over their promised vote on the European arrest warrant on the same day Ed Miliband will speak at the CBI annual conference about our economic recovery, jobs and skills with a clear warning that leaving the European Union would risk millions of jobs and …

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Ukip at the feast

Sally Gimson  |  29 October 2014

The ghost of the United Kingdom Independence party hovered over prime minister’s questions today. No one mentioned it by name. Its only member of parliament, Douglas Carswell, said nothing. But there are shadowy Ukip sympathisers among the grey-suited, ageing and disappointed men who make up the Tory parliamentary party. And they are spirits the Conservative …

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Police weaker because of Tory spinelessness over Ukip

Steve Reed MP  |  27 October 2014

Tory panic over the United Kingdom Independence party is now so fevered they are ready to oppose anything associated with Europe, no matter how beneficial it is to the British people. That is why we are seeing rightwing Tory members of parliament demand that the government opt out of the European arrest warrant. If they …

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Why the European arrest warrant is crucial for our safety

Claude Moraes MEP  |  27 October 2014

Since its establishment in 2004, the European arrest warrant has played a key part in strengthening police and judicial cooperation across the European Union by promoting coordination between national police forces and judiciaries. The existence of the EAW has led to a reduction in extradition times, which now sit at an average of 48 hours, …

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Opting out of Britain’s security interests

Charles Clarke  |  17 October 2012

On October 15 the home secretary, Theresa May, stated in parliament that the UK government’s ‘current thinking’ is to ‘opt out’ of more than 130 European Union measures for police and criminal justice co-operation and then to try and opt back in to an unspecified number of them, with uncertainty as to whether or not …

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