Forward thinking for fathers

Lucy Powell MP  |  19 January 2017

Ensuring flexible working conditions for fathers is crucial for social mobility, argues Lucy Powell The old saying goes that behind every successful man was a good woman. Now though, the inverse is often true. Behind most successful working mums is a dad doing their share and an extended family helping to manage the pressure of work …

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Due respect

Ellie Groves  |  10 March 2016

Labour should back ‘no fault divorce’, Ellie Groves —If you are looking to get divorced you have to have been married a year and prove that the relationship has broken down – which seems fair in itself. However, under the Matrimonial Causes Act 1973 the only grounds for divorce are: desertion (where one of the parties has deserted …

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We should be leading, not leaving

Seema Malhotra MP  |  22 February 2016

Last week I gave a speech to City UK who cite their goals as driving competitiveness, creating jobs and lasting economic growth. These objectives chime well with Labour’s key economic aim of shared prosperity for all. A strategic partnership with business and industry is at the heart of Labour’s economic policy. We see working with …

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Child poverty measures still at risk

Sam Royston  |  26 January 2016

The government’s plans to scrap the legal duty to accurately and comprehensively monitor the number of children living in low-income families have – thankfully – been firmly rejected by the House of Lords. However, these plans will go back to the Commons and are still at risk of being overturned. The welfare reform and work …

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Sure Start works, government policy does not

Michael Pavey  |  14 January 2016

Don’t you just love the grand parliamentary traditions? Starting each session with the pomp of the state opening; beginning each day with prayers in the chamber; the final day before christmas when the government sneaks out bundles of controversial reports. With 424 government reports published on 17 December – 2015 was a truly vintage year …

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Can the increased living wage help reduce in-work poverty?

Ben Richards and Nida Broughton  |  4 November 2015

Recent years have seen poor wage growth, with real wages falling for many workers. In addition, government cuts and benefit freezes since 2010 have contributed towards decreasing standards of living for many. Low income households also face the prospect of (possibly watered down) cuts to tax credits over the coming years. The big task the …

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The Last Word … A Maoist bent to the budget

Jamie Reed MP  |  10 July 2015

Boos company George Osborne is not the strategic political mastermind either he or his legions of friends in the right wing media believe. Few politicians have been booed by an Olympic stadium filled with 80,000 people, but nonetheless, Osborne will be happy with the predictable plaudits from the usual suspects following this week’s budget. If …

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A Great British compromise that is fair to all sides

John Hannett  |  10 July 2015

It is extremely disappointing that the government has yet again returned to the question of Sunday trading, particularly after promising before the election they had no plans to relax the law. The government may argue that this proposal is not deregulation, but devolving the powers to vary opening times down to local authorities and elected …

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Focus on low paid jobs should be a priority

Frank Soodeen  |  6 July 2015

The warning from the United Kingdoms’s four children’s commissioners that another 1 million children are at risk of poverty, as a result of further cuts, comes at a slightly awkward time for forecasters. Last week’s official data showing that poverty rates, except among disabled adults, remained fairly flat even after five years of austerity surprised …

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Sex, storks and gooseberry bushes

Frances Rehal  |  31 March 2015

In 2000 the first Sure Start programme in Kent was developed in Millmead, an estate on the outskirts of Margate in Kent. Sure Start was a high-profile New Labour initiative which aimed to give young children living in deprived communities such as Millmead a better start in life by creating opportunities for them and their …

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