‘Beacon of red’

Ben Dilks  |  14 April 2016

Nia Griffith has Welsh Tories and Brexiters in her sights —Labour’s shadow secretary of state for Wales is a woman on a mission. Nia Griffith sees the result of next month’s Welsh assembly elections as crucial, not only to the people of Wales, but for the future of the Labour party nationally. ‘It is absolutely essential for …

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Rural voters and the price of milk

Christabel Edwards  |  14 December 2015

In recent years my campaigning activity has been limited, but having been made redundant from local government I was able at last to play an active role at the general election this year. I hit the streets with gusto wearing my ex-council demographer hat to find out the lie of the land. Now, being a …

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The long and the short of food and farming

Huw Irranca-Davies MP  |  13 August 2014

The challenge for farming often gets defined in the ‘here and now’: the dairy crisis of 2012, the continuing impacts of the Somerset floods, last year’s cheap imports of lamb or this year’s beef prices, or just the need to get this season’s crops safely in and put a smile on the bank manager’s face. …

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Food, farming and the UK in the EU

Huw Irranca-Davies MP  |  6 June 2013

The UK must be at the heart of the European Union to get the best deal for UK food producers. The food and farming sector represents one in every seven jobs in the UK, and the EU is vital for UK exports both to the EU and beyond. The last Labour government played a central …

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One Nation and the single market

Kevin Doran  |  4 January 2013

Regional growth within the single market should be the priority this year – 20 years after the launch of the single market and 40 years after the UK joined the common market. A strong European Union regional policy can help deliver a balanced economy in the UK and is needed more than ever after the …

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Food for thought

Fiona Twycross AM  |  10 October 2012

Two stories on the Today programme this morning separated by other news items but intrinsically linked caught my attention. The first – a story about British food prices, which are set to rise following a poor harvest in the UK because of the wet weather. The story could equally have been that food prices are …

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It’s time to care about the countryside

Jonathan Roberts  |  31 August 2012

Being born and raised in the countryside, it could be said that I wasn’t born into Labour, I chose it. When it comes to rural matters, Labour finds itself in a vicious circle. People in the countryside don’t vote Labour because they don’t think Labour cares about them. But Labour doesn’t behave like it cares …

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Spilt milk

Huw Irranca-Davies MP  |  26 July 2012

Defra ministers talk a good game over food security, and the need to bolster UK farm and food production. Yet at the first critical test of their tenure those same ministers have been found wanting. As the dairy crisis loomed, ministers were asleep on the job. Yet the warning signs could not have been clearer, …

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Food at heart of economic recovery

Mary Creagh MP  |  23 January 2012

From field to fork, food is at the heart of the economic recovery. In January a ban on the use of battery cages for chickens came into force in Europe. British farmers have spent £400 million to ditch the old cages and ensure that our eggs meet the standards shoppers expect. Yet our industry is …

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