Speaking for small business

Parry Mitchell  |  3 August 2012

Baroness Jan Royall, the leader of the opposition in the House of Lords, emailed me recently asking whether I could come and join her for a five minute chat.  When the leader summons you, you are prepared for the worst, but I was very pleasantly surprised.  Jan asked me whether I’d like to take on …

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Evict the bishops

Glenys Thornton  |  30 April 2012

As we near the next Queen’s speech of this coalition government we know that reform of the House of Lords is a big priority for the junior partner in the coalition. Quite why the Liberal Democrats think that championing this particular cause will restore their electoral fortunes after two years of supporting legislation to wreck …

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No more Lib Dem ‘human shield’

Andrew Bettridge  |  30 April 2012

At last year’s local elections the Conservative party was able to hide behind a ‘human shield’ of the Liberal Democrats, I recall one of my Labour councillors telling the local press: ‘Nationally, the Conservatives have run a very good campaign. ‘They’ve used the Lib Dems as a human shield and it’s worked’ he said. This …

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Line-up for Progress annual conference 2012

Simon Jeffrey  |  24 April 2012

Progress is delighted to be able to announce the line-up and agenda for Progress annual conference 2012. Find out below who will be speaking in sessions ranging from Labour’s economic credibility to what the outcome of the upcoming local elections will mean for Labour heading towards 2015. To join the debate book your ticket now …

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Why hadn’t others been successful?

Mike Gapes MP  |  8 April 2012

With the 20th anniversary of the 1992 defeat on April 9, Progress is looking back at memories of that election. Read Paul Richards‘ piece on ‘the worst loss of all’ here. I was selected as the Labour and Co-operative candidate for Ilford South in February 1990. Ilford South was number 61 on the list of …

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Where are all the women?

Danny Phillips  |  5 April 2012

The candidates for the Scottish council elections are all signed up and the SNP are promising change in town halls across Scotland.  Few are betting against SNP gains this May. You would think the fact that the SNP have ‘a record number of candidates almost 50 per cent more than 2007’ would mean plenty more …

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What doesn’t kill you

Luke Akehurst  |  5 April 2012

‘What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’ I like to start columns with a quote from a great political thinker, in this case the singer Kelly Clarkson. In last week’s column I warned George Galloway might win in Bradford West and urged people to head there to help, as I did myself on polling day. …

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Time for tax reform

Andrew Harrop  |  5 April 2012

If Ed Miliband is serious in his claim that this will be a ‘one-term Tory government’ as he asserted in the Guardian this weekend, then an alternative Queen’s speech is not only desirable but necessary. As we approach the halfway point of this parliament, Labour must credible but ambitious on how they will build a …

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A Queen’s speech for community empowerment

Florence Eshalomi AM  |  4 April 2012

I thought long and hard about what key things I would want included in the Queen’s speech if Labour were in government now.  The majority of the residents in the ward that I represent in Brixton Hill will probably not take much notice of the Queen’s speech as evidence suggests that people continue to feel …

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Let’s start building council houses

Denis MacShane MP  |  4 April 2012

David Cameron’s latest back-to-the-1980s gimmick is to give a big bribe to council home renters to buy their property. As with his backfired stunt last week to depict fuel tanker drivers as the new Scargillites against whom the nation should unite, or the over-the-top rhetoric in the Falklands, Cameron is trying to paint himself as …

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