fiscal credibility

The Tory ‘decade without growth’

Stephen Beer  |  24 March 2017

A stronger opposition would be well-placed to pressure the government on its faltering economic record, writes Stephen Beer We are reaping a poor economic harvest from decisions made by Conservative-led governments since 2010. This year’s budget will be remembered, if it is much remembered at all, for a totally unnecessary political storm about national insurance …

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Right first time

Stuart Hudson  |  24 September 2015

Stuart Hudson presents five steps to regaining Labour’s economic credibility Dear Jeremy, It would be churlish not to start with congratulations. After the painful election defeat in May, and all those subsequent exhortations to tack to the centre, the way the leadership campaign unfolded must have felt like a vindication of a leftwing strategy. As you travelled …

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Labour’s austerity bind

Hopi Sen  |  24 September 2015

Labour allowed everyone to give its spending plans whatever name they liked, writes Hopi Sen On 2 November 1948, Hansard records that Michael Foot told the House of Commons, ‘I have not seen much of this eager enthusiasm among members of the Conservative party to support the austerity drive of the chancellor of the exchequer’. If …

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‘I will give my life to this party’

Adam Harrison and Richard Angell  |  17 August 2015

‘Mine is the real anti-austerity politics, because it will help Labour win and stop the vile things the Tories are doing’, Liz Kendall tells Richard Angell and Adam Harrison Straight from a terrible defeat – one arguably worse than the nadir of 1983 – Labour plunged into a leadership contest that has been gripped by Corbynmania …

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‘Employment, employment, employment’

Shamik Das  |  6 June 2013

For ‘Education, education, education’, read ‘Employment, employment, employment’. Employment for all will be the primary means of bringing about social justice, bringing down the deficit and growing the economy under an Ed Miliband One Nation Labour government. The clue, as he says, is in the name. His speech today on social security reform was not, …

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Militant moderate

Richard Angell and Robert Philpot  |  4 February 2013

The trade unions should have less power in the Labour party, a combative Alan Johnson tells Robert Philpot and Richard Angell Trade unions are in danger of becoming ‘irrelevant’ and ‘cannot connect to a whole swath of the workforce that thinks they died out with the ark,’ Alan Johnson, one of the most senior figures …

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Time for an alternative

Editorial  |  2 April 2012

The first Queen’s speech in two years is imminent. Labour should seize on the event to set out its own stall Few events in the political calendar underline quite so graphically the power of the government and the impotence of the opposition as much as the Queen’s speech. Backed by all the pomp and finery …

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Labour are reformers not just spenders

Graeme Cooke  |  21 February 2012

Rachel Reeves did not mince her words at the IPPR today, where she gave her first major speech as shadow chief secretary to the Treasury. “It’s precisely because we on the centre left believe that active government along with good schools, hospitals and other public services can transform lives…that we must ensure we pass the …

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Restoring credibility from the bottom up

Theo Blackwell  |  19 January 2012

At a time of prolonged cuts and fears about the future, Labour policies to promote growth and jobs, tackle inequality – or and save threatened services – will generate widespread support and public trust, but only if we first have a credible analysis of the public finance challenge the country faces. Simply put, social justice …

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