fixed-term parliaments

Osborne’s to lose?

Adam Harrison and Richard Angell  |  1 September 2015

Fixed-term parliaments still create a lot of unknowns in British politics. The royal prerogative, exercised by the sitting prime minister to abolish the legislature and go to the country, was always a double-edged sword for the occupant of No 10. The longer the parliament, the worse the result. Labour governments – not that there have …

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Poll position

Lewis Baston  |  21 September 2013

The new territory of a fixed-term parliament means Labour should hold its nerve as 2015 draws near, writes Lewis Baston In years gone by, the fourth party conference season of a parliament would have been heavy with speculation about the timing of the next election. Even if the parliament ran into a fifth year, all …

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Lib Dems in the Lords

Dianne Hayter  |  21 September 2011

Say one thing, vote another. That seems to be the instructions to the government’s junior party in the Lords. The localism bill currently before us removes the existing right of social tenants to take a complaint (once dealt with by the provider) direct to the Housing Ombudsman – a right which every other consumer has …

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