Frontline 40

Challenging lazy assumptions about rural voters

Andrew Bettridge  |  27 June 2014

We often assume that if you live in an urban part of the country, you will naturally vote Labour and if you live in the countryside you will simply vote Conservative. When you look at the ‘safe’ Labour cities like Manchester, Liverpool and Stoke and ‘rock solid’ blue Tory seats in the Shires, you can …

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What’s going on in Bristol West?

Thangam Debbonaire MP  |  9 June 2014

Bristol West is 105 on the 106 key seat list, seat 39 in the Frontline 40 of seats that will comprise Labour’s majority. It has its challenges: First, hills – We have got lots. I can get across the whole constituency in 40 minutes by bicycle, a mere 15 on the way back. My calves are …

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The faces of our 2015 majority

Jacqui Smith  |  7 April 2014

Today I want to pay tribute to the work and sacrifice of our prospective parliamentary candidates and to consider their pivotal role in achieving a Labour majority. There have been some great selections over the weekend and in recent weeks and those very able candidates have got a lot of work ahead in the coming …

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Voting with their feet

Felicity Slater  |  27 February 2014

Fewer members take part in longer selection contests —Barely one in two Labour party members have voted in selection contests for the party’s candidates in its top 106 target seats, according to new research carried out by Progress. The findings suggest that we can at last put to bed the much-touted myth that members join …

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Meet the swing voters

  |  1 December 2013

In this special report for Progress, Deborah Mattinson and Zoe Tyndall find out what swing voters in four ‘Frontline 40’ seats want to see from Labour Lizzie, aged 36, lives in Crewe, and is a childcare worker with two kids of her own. Nilesh, 28, works for a firm of accountants. He is single and …

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Thinking small

Hopi Sen  |  1 December 2013

Does voters’ distrust of politics provide an opportunity, asks Hopi Sen These dispatches from the electoral frontline from Deborah Mattinson and Zoe Tyndall are dominated by disbelief and mistrust in politics. The political classes do not understand these voters’ concerns. They are a grey-suited, narrow Oxbridge-London elite, who are greedy, selfish and pretty much all …

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How can Labour win a mandate in 2015?

Lucy Powell MP  |  20 November 2013

It is vital for Labour that we are out speaking to the country on the key issues affecting people in the run-up to the 2015 election. Whether on energy prices, taking on the vested interests in the media or in banking, Ed Miliband’s One Nation Labour is making the running. The childcare crunch facing families …

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Why Battersea will be a Labour gain

Will Martindale  |  1 November 2013

Labour has a proud tradition in Battersea. One hundred years ago Labour Battersea gave Britain its first black mayor, John Archer, and its first working-class cabinet member, John Burns. And in the year women got the vote, Battersea Labour party selected Charlotte Despard as their parliamentary candidate. A centenary of Labour history followed. Douglas Jay, …

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From Cheshire to Essex

Julia Tickridge  |  1 November 2013

As the parliamentary candidate for the key marginal Cheshire seat of Weaver Vale (East Runcorn, Northwich, Frodsham), currently held by the Tories with a majority of just 991, I am under no illusion of the task ahead of me in 2015. In order for Labour to be returned to government in one term, with any …

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Progress  |  26 September 2013

If elected I will … Frontline 40 candidates on their private member’s bills The state of New York’s usury law provides a good example of how a modern usury statute works. Annual interest rates on personal loans of less than $250,000 (approximately £150,000) are capped at 16 per cent per annum. Generally speaking, a personal …

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