A better way is possible: developing a dialogue about reform in social work

Brid Featherstone and Kate Morris  |  11 February 2015

We are pleased to be offered the right to reply to ‘Change or get out of the way’. We write on behalf of a group of senior social work researchers. For some readers the way we educate social workers may seem a niche concern. However, the interview and its treatment in Progress raises deeper questions …

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Think differently about the state

Editorial  |  10 February 2015

It is the poor – those for whom Labour claims to fight the hardest – who are the greatest victims of low-quality public services Public service reform has long been derided by some on the left as unnecessary, technocratic and harmful to public sector workers. Worse still, an electorally calculated sop to the middle classes. …

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‘Change or get out of the way’

Liz Kendall MP and Steve Reed MP  |  5 February 2015

Josh MacAlister is spearheading a revolution in social work empowering both families and practitioners Three years ago only 10 Oxbridge graduates applied to go on social work courses. In 2013, 200 students from Oxford and Cambridge alone attempted to join Frontline, a new programme designed to attract some of the country’s highest-achieving graduates into what …

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