garden cities

It’s time for a social contract for garden cities

Philip Ross  |  4 August 2014

Garden cities are making for a fascinating debate. The country needs more homes and there is a good cross-party consensus on the need to build garden cities. There also seems to be growing sense of consensus that they should be locally led or community based. This weekend Nick Clegg told the BBC’s Countryfile that the …

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The case for new garden cities in England

Philip Ross  |  14 November 2013

The announcement today of plans to hold a competition to build a new garden city in England is to be welcomed. There is general political consensus around the need to build new towns and settlements to address the housing and population growth. David Cameron has expressed support for the principle of garden cities, as has …

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Defending progressive cities

Philip Ross  |  29 March 2012

As the former mayor of Letchworth Garden City I found it refreshing to read David Cameron’s recent praise of our town and Garden Cities in general. But while Cameron was praising the virtues of Letchworth, the Conservative-run North Herts District Council was publishing a document that seeks to abolish the very same garden city. Yes, …

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