general election 2015

What long-term plan?

Stephen Beer  |  18 November 2014

The Conservatives are worried about the economy. Their key election message will be the economy. That has always been the battleground for 2015. Opinion polls putting the Conservatives well ahead of Labour on economic credibility measures support their strategy, but they must continue to appear credible for the strategy to work. The British economy is …

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A defiant message

Sally Gimson  |  13 November 2014

Ed Miliband gave his fightback speech in the Beveridge Hall in the Senate House at the unashamedly elite University of London in Bloomsbury. The room was full of north London Labour members. This was Miliband the intellectual, the guy who is not ashamed of ideas or of comparing different philosophies of political parties. It was …

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Six months till the general election

John McTernan  |  7 November 2014

During conference season I chaired a series of fringe meetings held by the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy at each of the main party conferences. The topic was how best to achieve regional growth by removing the dead hand of the state. Each meeting provoked a revealing debate. The Labour debate was about …

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Winning with women

Lee Sherriff  |  20 September 2014

My childhood TV viewing was peppered with news reports of men standing on picket lines, the word ‘scab’ hanging furiously in the air having been thrown at those who deigned to break the unity and solidarity of men fighting for the future and that of their family. I felt for those people. I remember seeing …

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Nice to feel wanted

Richard Angell  |  19 September 2014

English marginals need real attention —During the course of a campaign that ran at full speed for longer than can reasonably be expected, Better Together mobilised members of both the frontbench and the backbenches of Labour’s Westminster and Holyrood teams in the effort to save the union. Both the official ‘No’ campaign and the Labour …

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The battle for economic credibility

Stephen Beer  |  31 July 2014

The United Kingdom economic recovery is underway. The first official estimate for the second quarter of this year shows gross domestic product rising by 0.8 per cent. That means that the economy is now larger than just before the financial crisis. Growth is occurring across the economy, not only in the predominant services sector but …

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