general election 2015

The Last Word … How many Mao times?

Jamie Reed MP  |  27 November 2015

It’s been an extraordinary few weeks in parliament. Following a week described by my Last Word predecessor John McTernan as ‘Labour’s worst ever’ this week has been similarly difficult. The widely anticipated comprehensive spending review was, as such set piece events so often are, something of an anti-climax. Humiliating and damaging U-turns by George Osborne over …

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Turnout tests

Richard Angell  |  4 November 2015

Is the notion that boosted turnout will turn Labour’s fortunes around simply outlandish? Richard Angell examines its chances ‘We had a problem of mobilising people’, said leadership hopeful Jeremy Corbyn – with little chance of getting on the ballot, let alone winning – as he explained why Labour lost when Progress sat down with him …

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We need to talk about … losing

Editorial  |  2 November 2015

‘In May we lost everywhere to everybody’, remarked Jon Cruddas, member of parliament for Dagenham and Ed Miliband’s former policy chief, in a speech in September. Referring to Labour’s three worst defeats – 1931, 1983, 2010 – Cruddas said, ‘2015 was worse still’. Yet this defeat has gone largely without mention from then leader Miliband and …

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The Last Word … The beginning of the thaw

Jamie Reed MP  |  16 October 2015

The Last Word is back, and it’s still not remotely personal … It’s been a while since I emerged from my foxhole to impart missives of trivel and drivia about all things political. The Road As I emerge, blinking into the light, bearded, swathed in rags, pushing my scavenged possessions in a supermarket trolley, I …

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The time to renew, not to retreat

Stephen Kinnock MP  |  15 October 2015

Throughout his impressive and highly effective leadership campaign Jeremy Corbyn made it clear that he wants a truly open, inclusive and constructive conversation about the future of the Labour party: how can we craft an inspiring new vision and narrative? What should our new policy priorities be? How can we regain the trust of the …

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The dog that didn’t bark

Sunder Katwala  |  29 September 2015

Has the public changed its mind about immigration? Sunder Katwala investigates A casual observer could be forgiven for struggling to understand British public opinion on immigration. How could the same voters who backed the United Kingdom Independence party in the 2014 European elections, and ranked immigration consistently in their top three issues facing the country before …

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No mean task

Adam Harrison  |  27 September 2015

Adam Harrison with the latest from the wonk world Last month Tanked Up reported that Policy Network would be continuing the long-running ‘southern discomfort’ series of studies into Labour’s electoral (mis)fortunes. The problem is now extremely serious, and Patrick Diamond and Giles Radice’s latest instalment takes the form of an entire book. It makes for grim reading, …

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The Election A-Z

Emma O'Dwyer  |  18 September 2015

The Election A-Z is the latest book from the former political and industrial reporter Nicholas Jones. It promises a look back at the changes and great stories from the 14 general elections Jones has reported from and is his fifth book on modern politics. As a politics geek and general bubble enthusiast when I was …

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The cost of being a candidate

Jon Wheale  |  17 September 2015

I have been asked to write a few words about the cost of being a prospective parliamentary candidate. Where to begin? The first thing to say is that I remain convinced that being selected as the PPC for my party and for my home town was an enormous privilege – a life event which I …

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What Labour did next

Kate Godfrey  |  16 September 2015

By the time you read this the leadership election will be over. On a grey cold day in September, as the calendar ticks to 13, Jeremy Corbyn slipped through the door of Victory Mansions. And yet, this is not a piece about Corbyn. This is a piece about how opposition can work for Labour. And …

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