Governing for Britain

Governing Britain

Michael Payne  |  2 August 2016

Devolution needs to be at the heart of our party —While the debate rages about the future of our party and its route back to national government, we run the risk of making a catastrophic mistake: ignoring the hundreds of examples that already exist of how Labour in communities up and down the country has rebuilt …

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Heineken leaders

James Lewis  |  27 July 2016

Labour councillors reach the places others can’t Reflecting on Leeds’ local election results this May, which saw wards that have not elected a Labour member of parliament for two or three general elections vote in Labour councillors, it is clear that, in the words of the old beer advert, Labour councillors can reach the parts that …

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Beyond crisis

Steve Bullock  |  25 July 2016

Local Labour’s imagination and tenacity on housing must continue, writes Steve Bullock It is now a given that London has a ‘housing crisis’ – no one disputes this, and perhaps as a result too few people respond with enough urgency. In fact the situation is beyond crisis – London faces a full-blown housing emergency with 50,000 families in some sort …

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Labour values put food on the table

Simon Blackburn  |  18 July 2016

In politics one can never really separate the execution of a task from the value base which drove you to bring that task into the public policy sphere. To put together a programme of government is to be engaged in matters of values and ideology, making judgements according to both, and turning those judgements into …

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Learning lessons: What can local government teach the Labour party? 

Robin Wales  |  18 July 2016

Labour in local government is delivering real change to working people’s lives up and down the country. But before talking about what lessons can be learned from local government, a warning: there have been times when local government has got it wrong. We must admit to these failings and learn from them. Just look at …

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What can local government teach the Labour party?

Florence Eshalomi AM  |  11 July 2016

I was thinking about what I could contribute to the debate this morning in the context of ‘What can local government teach the Labour party?’ and I thought I would take us back to 2006. Ten years ago, at the youthful age of 25, in May 2006, I was a bleary-eyed, newly elected councillor in …

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Netflix town halls

Kiran Ramchandani  |  9 July 2016

Are our towns and communities ready for the digital revolution? —I am definitely more Uber than black cab. More Netflix than DVD. I am waiting for the day when my phone alarm wakes me up earlier in the morning because all the data connectivity tells it that there are delays on my tube line and …

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Elephant in the room

Peter John  |  9 July 2016

Local politics shows you cannot dodge real needs —Now this may sound obvious, but the power of local government lies in the fact that it is government which is local. It needs to be responsive to the community it represents, flexible enough to meet local needs. It needs to be strong and have the vision …

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Head for business

Sarah Hayward  |  9 July 2016

Local government is entering a new world —The Tories have been fundamentally changing the roles and powers of local government since 2010. But perhaps the biggest change is still to come: by 2020 local government will be funded not by grants but by business rates. This could mean dramatic alterations to what councils do and how …

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Graft and guile

Alison McGovern MP  |  8 July 2016

Councillors must be heard inside Labour —Britain is changing. In some places in a great whoosh of social and economic revolution, gentrification, migration or the birth or death of an industry that can sweep you off your feet. In others the pace of change is glacial, measured in fractions, barely discernible beneath the surface. As places change …

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