Jo Cox

Giving women the tools to lead

Cat Headley  |  15 November 2017

Applying for the Jo Cox Women in Leadership programme was a life-changing experience for me, writes Cat Headley From the top deck of a number 31 bus, I looked out over Edinburgh’s skyline of spires and historic buildings and shed tears for a woman I had never met. Making my way home, I listened to …

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Taming the savageness of our politics

Christabel Cooper  |  2 November 2017

The end result of a discourse dominated by online abuse is an environment where political opponents are no longer seen as normal human beings, warns Progress strategy board member Christabel Cooper Britain has thankfully had a relatively short record of violence directed against at political figures. The last sitting member of parliament to be assassinated before the tragic murder of …

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The Rage

Adam Barnett  |  5 October 2017

Julia Ebner’s armoury of critical thought – and willingness to humanise even her deadliest enemies – is what makes her well-sourced book so deserving of an audience, writes Adam Barnett The Rage – out today from IB Tauris – is part dedicated to the memory of Jo Cox, the slain member of parliament who suffered the kind of …

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Building the sisterhood

Ashley Dalton  |  31 August 2017

The Jo Cox Women in Leadership course is helping women in the Labour party to combat misogyny and intimidation – and to support one another, writes Ashley Dalton When Jo Cox was elected to parliament in 2015 she was one of 99 Labour women members of parliament and they made up 42 per cent of the …

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The Last Word: IDS out

Richard Angell  |  7 July 2017

Turning Chingford and Woodford Green red, Pride in London and the tragic cost of a Tory government – Progress director Richard Angell has this week’s Last Word Something is happening in north-east London. The area is going Labour. Wes Streeting won the 5,000-Tory majority seat of Ilford North in 2015 with the slimmest majorities. In …

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The Last Word: More in common

Richard Angell  |  16 June 2017

Remembering Jo Cox, Labour’s post-election unity, the tragic fire at Grenfell Tower, and #TipLondon – Progress director Richard Angell has this week’s Last Word The anniversary of Jo Cox’s brutal murder brings mixed emotions. For all of us that knew Jo there is the obvious loss and sense of pain. Each of us who did …

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The Last Word: Tragedy in Westminster

Richard Angell  |  24 March 2017

An attack on the heart of British democracy, Aaron Bastani’s #fakenews and Jon Lansman’s secret plot – Progress director Richard Angell has this week’s Last Word This week a terrorist struck at the heart of British democracy – and PC Keith Palmer gave his life protecting it. At the time of writing, three others have …

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The heroism of public service

Richard Angell  |  23 March 2017

Terrorism has failed to stop our MPs and our democracy – we must use this moment to help us value both again, writes Progress director Richard Angell ‘Today was an effort to stop our democracy on its tracks’, was how Laura Kuenssberg ended her reporting of the Westminster terror attack last night. Today parliament meets as an …

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Important interventions

Ben Dilks  |  15 March 2017

Ben Dilks with the latest from the wonk world There was an understandably sombre atmosphere at the launch of The Cost of Doing Nothing: The Price of Inaction in the Face of Mass Atrocities, recently published by Policy Exchange. This was partially a result of the grave subject being discussed, but also due to the context in which the report …

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Britain must be a force for good again

Alison McGovern MP  |  26 January 2017

Standing by in cases of war crimes or genocide is not in Britain’s national interest, nor in the interests of the most vulnerable, writes Alison McGovern MP What do we owe to those who live beyond our shores? Of course we are all appalled when we see civilians starving in a famine, bombed into submission by …

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