Johann Lamont

A mayor for all reasons

The Insider  |  5 December 2014

With Boris Johnson heading back to Westminster and no obvious Tory candidates having his metropolitan appeal, the Labour candidacy for the London mayoralty is a great prize. Sadiq Khan has secured for himself a significant number of early advantages. The shadow minister for London has used this position to promote both his strengths as a …

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Coming down the track

The Insider  |  4 November 2014

Scottish or not, it was easy to distinguish Labour members of parliament returning to Westminster from rays of sunshine. A conference kindest described as definitely not triumphal, underwhelming polls and a close-run thing in Heywood and Middleton cast a pall over the new parliamentary term. Auguries of hard times were easy to find. As predicted …

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Labour’s German future?

Callum Anderson  |  28 October 2014

Both the United Kingdom and Scottish Labour parties, with just seven months until the 2015 general election, have been thrown into disarray since Johann Lamont brought her short three years tenure as leader of the Scottish Labour party to an abrupt end. And she has by no means left the stage quietly. Lamont was scathing …

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Over and out?

John McTernan  |  2 September 2014

If Scotland votes ‘No’ this month, Labour must move quickly to define the victory, says John McTernan If, as all the polls have consistently predicted, the ‘No’ campaign triumphs in this month’s Scottish referendum, it will be a great victory for Labour. But then the real work begins. Normally after a victory – and particularly …

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King for a day, but schmuck for a lifetime

John McTernan  |  21 March 2014

The Lamborghini Reforms. It’s got a ring about it, hasn’t it? The Liberal Democrat pensions minister Steve Webb has said he is relaxed about the prospect of people cashing in their pension pot and buying an expensive fast car. What is telling is the flippancy. We’re not talking about the lottery, we’re talking about people’s …

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A long three years until election day

Catherine Vallis  |  31 May 2013

The swagger and bluster of Scottish politics can sometimes make British politics look like a Jane Austen novel. It was therefore nice to see a sensitive and thoughtful debate break out at recent first minister’s questions when Johann Lamont brought up the case of a Scottish cancer patient who, faced with paying £3,000 a month …

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No strange death here

Tom Harris  |  17 January 2013

There are two theories about the fate of the many Tory voters who used to roam freely across the plains of Scotland. The most common theory also happens to be the least persuasive: that during the last Major government, they had a Damascene conversion and chose to turn their backs on the evils of unbridled …

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Question Time

Jeremy Miles  |  3 October 2012

Progress’ Question Time took place shortly after Ed Miliband’s speech to conference on Tuesday and as usual was wide-ranging, challenging – and controversial. Panellist Michael Leahy, general-secretary of Community, the Union for Life, welcomed a relaxed and statesmanlike speech from the leader. He wanted to see a greater focus on policies to foster wealth creation …

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Salmond rattled

Danny Phillips  |  26 March 2012

Salmond is no longer enjoying First Minister’s Questions. Labour leader Johann Lamont has the measure of him. Even arch-nationalists are saying so. Of course Salmond will win the odd week but my last article said Salmond ‘may not be rattled but he is certainly not as sure-footed as he was’. Well he’s rattled now. Salmond’s …

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Lamont wrongfooting Salmond

Danny Phillips  |  14 February 2012

When I gave up being a political adviser, I was not upset to see the back of first minister’s questions. Like its Westminster equivalent, prime minister’s questions, this weekly interrogation can make or break a party leader. Having worked on both sides, first in government preparing answers, then in opposition coming up with questions, I …

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