Crime works across borders; we must work together

David Taylor  |  23 February 2016

Whether or not the voters of North Wales elect me as police and crime commissioner on the 5 May, I will be campaigning for Britain to stay in the European Union in the referendum on the 23 June. In fact, if I am elected to head up the fight against crime in North Wales, my campaigning will …

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Anonymity argument threatens to turn back the clock

Vera Baird  |  27 April 2015

Vulnerable victims believe that the establishment covers up when highly placed men are accused of sexual abuse, and the Lowell Goddard inquiry seems to confirm that they are right. Ever more colour is added to their fears when each time a celebrity is acquitted of sex crimes the establishment calls, yet again, for rape defendants to …

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An end to employment tribunal fees

Sara Ibrahim  |  8 April 2015

After years of personal teeth gnashing over the disastrous policy of employment tribunal fees, it is encouraging to see that the Labour party has promised to abolish them if elected in May. In its workplace manifesto launched on 1 April Labour states unequivocally that the Tory-led government’s fee system had failed. For those of us …

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A cavalier approach to justice

Sara Ibrahim  |  9 March 2015

The general election may be fast approaching, but this Conservative-led government is continuing to do damage. This will be apparent in the legal system as Chris Grayling’s assault on the justice system continues apace, with the anticipated rise in fees for civil proceedings soon coming into force. In the dryly named Civil Proceedings and Family …

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Redistributing power must be our priority

Jacqui Smith  |  23 June 2014

On a recent long car journey, my husband and I were passing the time with the sort of idle political questions which fill long hours – who’s the best ever Labour leader (easy); who’ll be the next Tory leader (more tricky!). Finally I posed the question – ‘if you had to choose between redistributing wealth …

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Lessons from Gary McKinnon’s 10 year ordeal

Matthew Downie  |  17 October 2012

So the day has finally come when Gary McKinnon and his family can start to rebuild their lives. A decade has passed since Gary was arrested for hacking into US security systems. Ten years of political and legal battle, of the media circus, of personal battles to stay positive, and to somehow get on with …

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Preparing for ‘the great unknown’

Thom Brooks  |  24 May 2012

Voters will return to the polls this November in elections for new police and crime commissioners. The Labour party was opposed to their introduction because it would contribute to a reduction in police numbers. It is difficult enough to ensure world-class public services at a time of reckless austerity cuts. It is even more difficult …

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Effective criminal justice for all

Thom Brooks  |  2 May 2012

I believe that the Labour party should promote policies in support of an effective criminal justice policy in an alternative Queen’s speech. These policies should focus on making effective criminal justice for all. The heart of this platform consists of two key ideas. The first idea is that criminal justice must be effective. This is …

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A Queen’s speech for community empowerment

Florence Eshalomi AM  |  4 April 2012

I thought long and hard about what key things I would want included in the Queen’s speech if Labour were in government now.  The majority of the residents in the ward that I represent in Brixton Hill will probably not take much notice of the Queen’s speech as evidence suggests that people continue to feel …

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Good justice policy pays for itself

Sadiq Khan MP  |  21 February 2012

When the TaxPayers’ Alliance criticise a Conservative justice secretary for going too far with public spending cuts, you know something is wrong.  But that’s exactly what Matthew Elliott, chief executive of the TaxPayers’ Alliance, did a few weeks ago in a blogpost that criticised the Legal Aid cuts that will end up costing the taxpayer …

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