Open access to justice

Nick Thomas-Symonds MP  |  2 October 2017

Students with the potential to be incredible solicitors, barristers and judges are being blocked from entering the legal profession. That needs to change, writes Nick Thomas-Symonds MP Open access to the legal profession for anyone with the ability, skill and competence to offer a quality service to the public should be a guiding principle for all …

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The Last Word: I will not be shamed out of Labour

Richard Angell  |  29 September 2017

First they tried to bore us out, then they tried to bully us out … now they try to shame us out. It will not work, writes Progress director Richard Angell Labour’s new establishment is learning from and emulating the old establishment fast. The hard-left believes its own rhetoric about New Labour’s media manipulation and conference …

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Corbyn’s social security silence

Alan Lockey  |  29 September 2017

The Labour leader’s deliberate vagueness on social security is a betrayal of those that elected him hoping he would rebuild Britain’s broken welfare state, argues Alan Lockey Perhaps it was inevitable anyway. Nevertheless, the significance of the 2015 welfare reform bill to Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour leadership ascent is surely indisputable. As his three leadership rivals demurred, only …

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Making modern employment work for everyone

Jordan Marshall  |  25 September 2017

The last time the Conservatives were in power for seven years, over three million people were left unemployed and sharp regional divides began to open up across the country. Because in 1986, just as the ‘big bang’ propelled the City to new and dizzying heights, rapid deindustrialisation was also dragging parts of the north and …

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The regeneration of Newham

Robin Wales  |  25 September 2017

When I became mayor fifteen years ago, we said we would transform Newham into a place where residents wanted to live, work and stay. We wanted jobs for our residents, good education for our children, and a diverse community that had good cohesion. We knew in part we would achieve these things by making Newham …

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Avoid a sectarian slugfest

Editorial  |  19 September 2017

Labour conference could be about policy, not procedure In his book, The Road to Brighton Pier, the political writer Leslie Hunter describes the atmosphere inside a Labour party languishing in opposition, and riven with factional animosity, in the months leading up to the party conference in Brighton: ‘Except on the most formal occasions there was no social …

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