Labour Party Annual Conference 2011

Building responsible capitalism

Tom Levitt  |  3 January 2012

While Ed Miliband’s new year message does not specifically mention aspirations for the third sector, two priorities stand out: the call for Labour to ‘become a genuine community force’, and ‘an economy which works for all’. The first is obvious. The involvement of Labour activists in community and voluntary organisations and campaigns, fulfilling our historic …

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Strongman or stripling?

The Insider  |  28 October 2011

So, after a year, that was it. Ed Miliband’s big speech. Your humble insider thought he delivered it OK, actually, nervous pause for approval at precisely the wrong moment aside. That no one saw an obvious Blair-baiting clap-trap (or in this case boo-trap) indicates some rehearsal and revision issues inside Team Ed, a situation which …

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Falling prey

The Progressive  |  27 October 2011

Ed Miliband’s ‘producers and predators’ metaphor has been wilfully misinterpreted. But it must be shown to have real-world application Ed Miliband studied economics at Corpus Christi, Oxford, gained a Master’s degree in economics at the London School of Economics, and taught economics at Harvard, before becoming chair of the Council of Economic Advisers at the …

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Putting words into action

Editorial  |  27 October 2011

Ed Miliband is right that Britain wants a more responsible capitalism – but public service reform must not be an afterthought It is rare for the words of a leader of the opposition to change policy; generating headlines is their normal intention. Ed Miliband’s speech to Labour party conference, however, managed both. Miliband’s attack on …

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Defending London

Josephine Channer  |  18 October 2011

On the last day of party conference I took part in a discussion with Caroline Flint on Standing As A Councillor. One of the questions put forward was related to the local government settlement. My response was short and sweet – this government does not understand the needs of our communities. The question is how …

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How to combat the Green peril

Carina O'Reilly  |  14 October 2011

With the collapse of the Liberal Democrat vote it is tempting for Labour party campaigners in areas where they’ve long been strong to sit back and wait for council seats to fall. And to an extent this is effective – recent polling from YouGov suggests that more than a third of those who voted Liberal …

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Really backing small business

Philip Ross  |  13 October 2011

The party conferences showed that small business is on the agenda again for both parties and is big news. Make no mistake, it will be on the agenda all the way through this parliament. The Tories will try to paint themselves as the friend of enterprise and Labour as in hock to unions and the …

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Refounding Labour – it’s all about the implementation

Luke Akehurst  |  5 October 2011

So Labour Party Conference passed the Refounding Labour proposals. By a whopping 94% (99% among affiliates, 88% among CLPs (constituency parties)). 21 pages of narrative, 107 pages of new rulebook, and an NEC statement. So does that mean Labour is “refounded”? No, not unless the Party machine and activists follow-through on the Conference decision with …

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Bold, brave and personal

Emma Reynolds MP  |  28 September 2011

This year’s speech was a big moment for Ed Miliband. A defining moment. His first real chance to tell the party and the country who he is and what he stands for. It would have been easier to play it safe. He could have erred on the side of caution. But he chose not to. …

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Primaries: what works? Report from Liverpool

David Chaplin  |  28 September 2011

The debate about how Labour should select candidates to fight elections has been raging for years and it’s not new to hear conference delegates bemoaning selection procedures as anarchic, cumbersome, or biased. But since Progress and others began making the case for reform to the way we select our candidates there have been some real …

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