Fighting for Labour mayor in Tower Hamlets

Suzy Stride  |  8 June 2015

What is the single most important thing that any Labour activist can be doing at this moment? Campaigning for a Labour win and a Labour mayor in Tower Hamlets – a Labour gain and the start of the Labour fightback for 2020. Everything else, really, can wait. We have three days to ensure that the …

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The final sweep

Richard Angell  |  3 April 2015

Switchers from the Conservative party hold the key to victory next month In the final weeks before the general election, as the rapid pursuit for promises becomes more fraught, the election campaign metaphorically turns into the final dash in 1990s television programme Supermarket Sweep. In the Big Sweep round contestants would find themselves torn between collecting Dale …

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Taking on the populist threat

Dan Jarvis MP and Tristram Hunt MP  |  31 March 2015

Tristram Hunt and Dan Jarvis share their thoughts on how to tackle the Green party and Ukip on the doorstep Photo: UK Labour

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A strong economic foundation

Chris Matheson  |  31 March 2015

A better plan for a better future – Five parliamentary candidates present Labour’s five pledges to Britain Balance the books and cut the deficit every year while securing the future of the NHS. None of our manifesto commitments require additional borrowing A strong economy – and a fair one – underpins everything a successful government can achieve. And …

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Tested to destruction

The Progressive  |  30 March 2015

How to survive the short campaign In John Buchan’s Thirty-Nine Steps, published exactly 100 years ago, the number 39 assumes great mystery. In the book, it is revealed to be the number of steps in a Kent coastal town leading to a shipload of dastardly German spies. In one of the film adaptations, it is the …

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‘If we want a Labour government, we’ve got to fight for it’

Stuart Macnaughtan  |  20 January 2015

Dan Jarvis MP is flying through his 9 days, 9 regions Labour doorstep marathon. The member of parliament for Barnsley Central is seeking to cover over 900 miles during his expedition, making the case for why people should vote Labour in all corners of England. Catching up with Jarvis on the campaign trail I asked …

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The final announcement from your in-flight team

Richard Angell  |  10 January 2015

As everyone passes through customs at the end of Operation Flight I want to stop and thank everyone who made this possible. First, your cabin crew, the Progress staff and volunteers who have taken a lead in the nine seats Labour is targeting where the incumbent Conservative or Liberal Democrat member of parliament is standing …

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