Len McCluskey

Failing to act, again and again

Adrian McMenamin  |  8 December 2017

Failure of those at the top to properly deal with antisemitism on the left for fear of what others may think sends a very clear message to the bigots, writes Adrian McMenamin This week a member of my branch resigned her membership at least in part because of what she saw as antisemitism in Labour. The …

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The Last Word: Bad enough to lose

Richard Angell  |  2 June 2017

A Tory party bad enough to lose, the return of two-party politics and measuring #GE2017 success the right way – Progress director Richard Angell has this week’s Last Word The Tories have been bad enough to lose a general election since their first few days in office. Pulling £6bn from the economy was one of the …

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The Last Word: A Welsh giant

Richard Angell  |  19 May 2017

A sad goodbye to Rhodri Morgan, Theresa May fobs Britain off, Corbyn’s gaffe and Len’s low expectations – Progress director Richard Angell has this week’s Last Word Wales lost its modern founding father with the sad news that Rhodri Morgan has passed away. He was a giant of Welsh politics and someone who forced a devolution …

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The Last Word: Tragedy in Westminster

Richard Angell  |  24 March 2017

An attack on the heart of British democracy, Aaron Bastani’s #fakenews and Jon Lansman’s secret plot – Progress director Richard Angell has this week’s Last Word This week a terrorist struck at the heart of British democracy – and PC Keith Palmer gave his life protecting it. At the time of writing, three others have …

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David Coats  |  24 September 2016

Trade union and Labour party politics are ever more intertwined – David Coats —Sidney and Beatrice Webb literally wrote the book on trade unionism in the 1890s and identified three elements of what they called the trade union method: collective bargaining, mutual insurance and legal enactment. Founding the Labour Representation Committee, and subsequently the Labour party, was …

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Truth or dare

The Insider  |  14 December 2015

Despairing, mutinous, disgusted, shell-shocked, aghast, angry. The adjectives journalists use to describe the mood of Labour members of parliament when it comes to their leader are growing in variety and ferocity. They do not understate the discontent. Two months into the Corbyn era and the mood in the parliamentary Labour party is growing ever bleaker, at …

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Insider out

The Insider  |  27 September 2015

Another dispatch from inside the Westminster village As we are in a new world, perhaps we should rename this column. The insider is now firmly outside, cold and shivering. Sometimes courtiers discover larger forces at work. So it is today. There has been a peasants’ revolt against New Labour’s nobility. Fair play to them. Last month Jeremy Corbyn …

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The case against boldness: in praise of fear

Hopi Sen  |  3 April 2014

This month’s Progress Magazine interview with Jon Cruddas, which Progress members will be avidly reading over the toast and marmalade, sees the Labour policy chief make an argument for boldness as a defining characteristic of One Nation Labour. Cruddas argues, as he has for several years, that ‘we need a bold, imaginative, transformative offer’ in …

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Lib-Lab coalition: beware attacks from the left

Robert Philpot  |  28 February 2014

I agree with Len. Those are not words that often cross my lips but the general secretary of Unite is right: the thought of a Labour-Liberal Democrat coalition is not one to ‘set the pulse racing’. I suspect, however, that McCluskey and I may have different fears about the dynamics of such a government. However …

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No comparison

Ann Black  |  11 November 2013

Miliband’s party reforms differ from Clause IV —In the October edition of Progress, the Progressive column set out the story of the new Clause IV campaign accurately: few remember that Tony Blair might have lost unless local parties had balloted their members. But there are differences as well as parallels with the current debate on …

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