Let it go: Power to the people in public services

Five years of Progress

Richard Angell  |  30 March 2015

Looking back over a parliament of working for a Labour majority as Labour’s new mainstream 2010 ORGANISING TO WIN The first Progress pamphlet of the parliament examined seats that performed against the odds in the last general election. Organising to Win looked at what lay behind Labour holds in Bassetlaw, Birmingham Edgbaston, Dagenham and Rainham, …

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Letting it go: power in public service

Reema Patel  |  23 March 2015

This week’s event hosted by Progress and chaired by Jon Cruddas fielded an impressive array of speakers including Liz Kendall, shadow minister for care, Steve Reed and Lisa Nandy as well from within the not-for-profit sector, with Hilary Cottam, founder of Participle and Josh MacAlister, chief executive of Frontline contributing to the conversation. ‘Let it …

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A community approach to public service reform

Callum Anderson  |  23 March 2015

Over the last year, the concepts of localism and devolution have grown to become increasingly important in the lexicon of the political class. This, in the main, is in response to communities nationwide crying out for more control over their own affairs. Yet the fact remains that British governments of all political colours have all …

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The politics of empowerment and ‘let it go’

Noah Sin  |  23 March 2015

This week, Labour’s progressives convened in parliament, to discuss an emerging political agenda that is rising on the horizon – the politics of empowerment and ‘let it go’. ‘Let it Go: Power to the people in public services’ came on the back of a pamphlet of the same name co-authored by Liz Kendall, shadow minister …

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Great leaders foster great public services

Sonia Sodha  |  24 February 2015

Perhaps the most important insight from this collection of interviews by Liz Kendall MP and Steve Reed MP is the huge impact that people prepared to think differently about public services can have on the quality of local services. Whether it is social entrepreneurs like Josh MacAlister and Hilary Cottam trying different approaches or local …

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A better way is possible: developing a dialogue about reform in social work

Brid Featherstone and Kate Morris  |  11 February 2015

We are pleased to be offered the right to reply to ‘Change or get out of the way’. We write on behalf of a group of senior social work researchers. For some readers the way we educate social workers may seem a niche concern. However, the interview and its treatment in Progress raises deeper questions …

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Think differently about the state

Editorial  |  10 February 2015

It is the poor – those for whom Labour claims to fight the hardest – who are the greatest victims of low-quality public services Public service reform has long been derided by some on the left as unnecessary, technocratic and harmful to public sector workers. Worse still, an electorally calculated sop to the middle classes. …

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Aspiration is the key

Editorial  |  6 February 2015

Labour needs to be ready to tackle the risk of a rise in interest rates hitting hard-pressed families and respond in a way that speaks to their aspirations Throughout this parliament, Ed Miliband has prosecuted a successful argument about the cost of living. As prices have risen and wages have stagnated, Labour’s message has chimed with …

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‘It’s a partnership between clinician and service user’

Liz Kendall MP and Steve Reed MP  |  6 February 2015

It is likely that people’s lives have been saved thanks to personal budgets, say Gill Ruecroft and Sarahlee Richards Anne, a mother and grandmother, had been using mental health services for over 10 years and had a history of self-harm and overdosing. In the year before she had her personal health budget, she had made …

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‘Change or get out of the way’

Liz Kendall MP and Steve Reed MP  |  5 February 2015

Josh MacAlister is spearheading a revolution in social work empowering both families and practitioners Three years ago only 10 Oxbridge graduates applied to go on social work courses. In 2013, 200 students from Oxford and Cambridge alone attempted to join Frontline, a new programme designed to attract some of the country’s highest-achieving graduates into what …

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