liberal interventionism

Syria and western guilt

Greg Falconer  |  30 April 2013

In his 2010 treatise, ‘The Tyranny of Guilt: An Essay on Western Masochism’, French philosopher Pascal Bruckner mused on the way Europeans’ judgement of contemporary global issues is clouded by a perpetual self-loathing. Historical ‘original sins’ such as slavery or colonialism, Bruckner argued, have led us to focus on the negative aspects of our own …

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A new model of ‘preventative intervention’

Luke Akehurst  |  20 February 2013

Ed’s speech about the 10p tax rate meant that there was not a lot of coverage of Jim Murphy’s important speech on ‘preventative intervention’ last week. That’s a shame as Jim’s speech deserved more attention and was a characteristically thoughtful contribution to debate about one of the most controversial aspects of the Blair years, the …

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Great expectations

Adam Harrison and Robert Philpot  |  28 February 2012

Elected to parliament a year ago, Progress vice-chair Dan Jarvis is one of Labour’s rising stars. He talks to Robert Philpot and Adam Harrison about his time in Afghanistan and the tough fight ahead for the party It is the day of the 200th anniversary of the birth of Charles Dickens and shadow arts minister …

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Time for intervention in Syria

Paul Richards  |  10 February 2012

There’s more than a whiff of the League of Nations about the UN this week after China and Russia’s veto of a resolution which would have demanded President Assad’s abdication. The resolution was backed by the other 13 members of the security council, and drawn up by the Arab League. The world is rightly angry …

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Labour’s future in the world

Sam Hardy and James Denselow  |  15 December 2011

Labour has the chance to restate its case as the internationalist party By Sam Hardy and James Denselow When we began our work examining the future of Labour’s foreign policy in the early spring of this year, we could not have imagined that, with a UK government in place that seemed more interested in trade …

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The Future of Labour’s Foreign Policy

Progress  |  14 December 2011

Progress is pleased today to launch The Future of Labour’s Foreign Policy, a new pamphlet looking at new approaches for Labour and Britain on the international stage. Drawing on 30 interviews with senior foreign policy figures such as former foreign secretary David Miliband and current shadow defence secretary Jim Murphy, as well non-party-affiliated commentators such …

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Epitaph on a tyrant

Paul Richards  |  21 October 2011

‘When he laughed, respectable senators burst with laughter, And when he cried the little children died in the streets.’ Epitaph on a Tyrant, WH Auden I spent a little time at the ‘Occupy’ tent city in the grounds of St Paul’s Cathedral yesterday. You can read what I think about it here. I was there …

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Perceptions in Iraq

Gary Kent  |  11 July 2011

Tony Blair told the Progress event that one of his government’s achievements was to help depose brutal dictators, and he maintained support for liberal interventionism in the right circumstances. I noticed that my neighbour, who had enthusiastically applauded the rest of the speech, sat these bits out and I guess that some others in the …

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