London riots

The razzmatazz of local politics in the US

Inside Washington  |  19 August 2014

Midterms The midterms are just 10 weeks away, but there has been surprisingly little coverage in the national media. That is not to say that there has not been a lot by British standards, because there has, but the abundance of world crises over this summer (including Gaza, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Ukraine and ebola) has …

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Six days in August

Zaffar Van Kalwala  |  6 August 2014

It was six days in August. The summer of 2011 will forever be synonymous with some of the worst rioting the country has ever experienced. The shooting of Mark Duggan in Tottenham ignited riots across England, from London to Manchester and beyond. Over 3,000 arrests, including some in my ward, Stonebridge where I am a local councillor. …

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London riots: Still no resolution three years on

Diane Abbott MP  |  6 August 2014

Nobody doubts that the rioting that we witnessed nationwide in the summer of 2011 was often criminal, copycat activity. There was also much sheer materialism. But underlying the riots, particularly in London, were long-standing issues about the relationship between inner-city communities and the state. These issues have yet to be resolved. And they may even …

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Policing through rights and respect, not kilos of water

Vera Baird  |  13 June 2014

Police forces across the country work hard, delivering community safety and working with residents to problem solve and cut crime Policing can only be based on partnership. ‘The police are the public and the public are the police’ is the most quoted of the Peelian principles, set out by the founder of the Metropolitan police. …

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Why water cannon are not the answer

Jacqui Smith  |  24 March 2014

This weekend, the Telegraph published a letter from members of parliament, peers, campaigners and union leaders opposing the Metropolitan police and mayor’s call for the authorisation of water cannon use. Irritatingly, the letter was signed by some people who have opposed almost any developments of police capability ever, but there were plenty of others who …

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Youth is the solution, not the problem

Rushanara Ali MP  |  23 May 2012

At a time of high unemployment and almost no growth, young people face huge challenges as they try and go on to higher education and employment.  Many of these young people are ambitious and have the talent to go on to do great things but they need the support to get there. With almost three …

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Flogging the proverbial dead horse

David Talbot  |  14 May 2012

Amid the pomp and the catcalls from Dennis Skinner, last week’s Queen’s speech offered a defensive government a rare chance to gain political momentum. It is a statement on the coalition’s serial dysfunctionality that it proved unable to seize this opportunity. The sovereign’s offering was a decidedly unimpressive list of bills – on, for example, …

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Reinforcing society at every level

David Lammy MP  |  9 December 2011

The riots in August were the most widespread public disorder in living memory. Never before had so many people in every corner of the country been so fearful of the walk home or what might wake them up in the night. The public disorder exposed the shortcomings of coalition policies. The police needed 16,000 officers …

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Ignore the advice

Paul Richards  |  23 September 2011

The one thing a Labour leader never lacks is advice. It comes in by the shovel-load, like manure. It comes in casual encounters, formal meetings, letters written in green ink, pompous ‘open letters’, coded warnings and articles in the press.   On the road to Liverpool Ed Miliband is drowning in advice. Floating at the …

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Behind the riots

Steve Reed MP  |  24 August 2011

Two weeks after a wave of riots shocked the nation a debate is raging about what caused them and what we do about them.  Thousands of people have been arrested and the courts are handing down tough prison sentences.  They are right to do that because the looters are not just being punished for the …

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