Lucy Powell

Working people must not pay the price

Kate Green MP  |  12 September 2017

The answer to Britain’s low pay crisis is not more years of austerity and uncertainty, but a pay rise for those struggling to make ends meet, writes Kate Green MP A report from the Child Poverty Action Group last month showed that working parents are finding it harder to meet basic living costs. Meanwhile, the …

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The Lansman tapes

The Insider  |  30 March 2017

Delayed: the 2020 service from opposition Like everything else the Labour party turns its hand to these days, the preparation for the Manchester Gorton byelection has not gone smoothly. The local party, having been suspended in the summer, still has a number of restrictions on it. The decision over when to go to the polls was delayed, as was …

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Forward thinking for fathers

Lucy Powell MP  |  19 January 2017

Ensuring flexible working conditions for fathers is crucial for social mobility, argues Lucy Powell The old saying goes that behind every successful man was a good woman. Now though, the inverse is often true. Behind most successful working mums is a dad doing their share and an extended family helping to manage the pressure of work …

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A mayor for all reasons

The Insider  |  5 December 2014

With Boris Johnson heading back to Westminster and no obvious Tory candidates having his metropolitan appeal, the Labour candidacy for the London mayoralty is a great prize. Sadiq Khan has secured for himself a significant number of early advantages. The shadow minister for London has used this position to promote both his strengths as a …

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An arms race in childcare?

Michael Pavey  |  3 October 2014

Childcare was politically neglected for generations. But following the transformative work of the last Labour government, shadow minister for childcare and early years Lucy Powell says there is now an arms race in this vital policy area. This arms race was the backdrop for an excellent Progress fringe at conference 2014 entitled The Care Crunch: …

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David Cameron’s care crunch

Lucy Powell MP  |  23 September 2014

At the next election childcare will be a key battleground issue. I know from my visits to key seats up and down the country how much of a challenge childcare is to parents. It resonates across the political spectrum and across the age range as parents, grandparents and young people worry about how families can …

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A bedrock of equality

Lucy Rigby  |  21 September 2014

Universal childcare should be Labour’s ultimate goal —Until relatively recently, childcare was – in the context of political discourse – one of various subheadings under the title ‘women’s issues’, which itself was a short chapter towards the end of the book. That is now far from the case. Childcare policy is front and centre of …

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Childcare choices

Editorial  |  8 July 2014

In 1997 Labour’s manifesto contained one, rather vague, sentence about childcare. It would be safe to wager the cost of a year’s childcare (on average, nearly £6,000 for sending a child under two to a nursery for 25 hours a week) that the party’s manifesto next year will have rather more to say on the …

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‘I have a political argument to win’

Adam Harrison and Robert Philpot  |  27 June 2014

Lucy Powell has big ambitions for Labour’s childcare policy, find Robert Philpot and Adam Harrison There is a pram in the corner of Lucy Powell’s small Westminster office. Labour’s shadow childcare minister does not keep it there as a prop. For her, the personal truly is political. A working mum with three children – a …

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How does Labour win a majority?

Atul Hatwal and Marcus Roberts  |  10 March 2014

Labour risks falling short next May, agree Atul Hatwal and Marcus Roberts. Here they present their solutions The poll lead is shrinking, our leader trails David Cameron by double digits on who voters would rather see as prime minister, and Labour lags the Tories on trust on the economy by, again, double digits. No opposition …

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