Mahmoud Abbas

Lasting peace has to be built on the twin pillars of coexistence

Joan Ryan MP  |  15 October 2015

The terrorist attacks which have occurred over the past two weeks in Israel have been truly shocking. To take just three examples of these senseless acts of violence: yesterday a 70-year-old woman was stabbed while sitting on a bus in central Jerusalem. Days earlier, a child was stabbed while riding his bicycle. Last week, a …

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The wrong stance on Gaza

Tal Ofer  |  11 August 2014

On 17 June this year Ed Miliband was the keynote speaker at the Labour Friends of Israel annual lunch. He delivered a rousing speech, drawing on his recent visit to Israel. But he also spoke about the security challenges that Israel face and he mentioned his visit to Sderot, which has suffered terribly from Hamas …

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Let’s talk

Matthew Doyle  |  27 March 2013

Visitors to the West Wing are greeted by a series of ‘jumbos’ – giant photos of Barack Obama’s latest events and visits, carefully selected to show the power and personality of the US president. There’s no doubting that his first trip to the Middle East in office – which concluded in the stunning surroundings of …

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The dream of nationhood

Alex Bigham  |  11 October 2011

Everywhere the nation-state is in flux. From global businesses that have more spending power than many countries, to protesters using social networks to bypass the forces of law and order, the state monopoly of power is under challenge. Why, then, does the dream of nationhood still captivate the aspirations of those denied it, whether in …

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