No going back

Tori Rigby  |  21 September 2017

Keep Young Labour modern and forward-looking, not full of conflict and turmoil, demands Tori Rigby When I joined the Labour party in 2011, I became involved in a youth movement that celebrated its member’s political differences, encouraged friendly debate, and campaigned tirelessly to get Young Labour candidates elected to local councils. Like many other Labour members, I spent most of …

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What would Jeremy do?

The Progressive  |  20 July 2017

Being in the minority does not mean you are wrong, but that your time may come again If there is one lesson from the extraordinary rise of Jeremy Corbyn, it is not that we progressives should bend before his altar in the name of unity; it is the exact opposite. Corbyn’s career since the 1970s …

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Frankenstein’s Momentum

The Progressive  |  6 February 2017

The eternal truth that the far-left loves schisms has been proved right again There is an old joke on the left which runs something like this: if you put five Trots in a room, pretty soon you will have six different factions. It is not a great joke, I will grant you, but it speaks to the eternal truth that …

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Power of speech

Robert Philpot  |  28 September 2015

Thirty years after Neil Kinnock’s Bournemouth speech, Robert Philpot recalls the fight to save the Labour party from the hard left In September 1985, two years after Neil Kinnock was elected its leader in the wake of the devastating landslide defeat which saw Margaret Thatcher re-elected with a majority of 144, the Labour party gathered for its …

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Staying power

Olivia Bailey  |  26 September 2015

Lessons for today from Fightback! Fightback! Labour’s Traditional Right in the 1970s and 1980s, by Dianne Hayter, tells the story of the ‘stayers’. Of those who remained in the party after the Social Democratic party split of 1981, and with courage and determination won back the levers of power within the Labour party. It explains, with …

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One hundred per cent of nothing

Paul Farrelly MP  |  26 September 2015

What Hammer of the Left can tell us now John Golding, employment minister in James Callaghan’s government and my predecessor-but-one, died all too prematurely, aged just 67. His funeral took place on the day my eldest was born, so I paid my last respects by writing John’s obituary for the Guardian and publishing, posthumously, his …

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Militant’s modus operandi

Richard Angell  |  26 September 2015

Keep ‘cybernat’ politics at bay At 242 pages, Michael Crick’s book on Labour in the 1980s and how the far left dominated its politics, The March of Militant, is one of the shortest on this period of the party’s history. But I would argue it is one of the most important. Crick chronicles how this …

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