National Executive Committee

Ideas alone are not enough

Conor Pope  |  21 September 2017

The lesson from losing is not that fighting is wrong, argues Conor Pope  It is easy, when analysing a situation, to simply come to the conclusion that it was always inevitable. Every action take beforehand simply becomes a step towards a single conclusion. It is basic ‘history is written by the victors’ stuff: the losers have …

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Down not out

Richard Angell  |  20 September 2017

Moderates and modernisers will not be proved wrong by the new establishment, writes Richard Angell Michael Cashman and Gloria De Piero did us proud in the Conference Arrangements Committee elections this summer. It is a thankless task standing for a committee where is it hard to show impact – as important as it is – and relevance, especially when …

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Taking back control

The Insider  |  19 September 2017

Conference Arrangements Committee is another piece of party machinery in the hard-left’s hands The election to the Conference Arrangements Committee of Momentum’s candidates makes your insider’s well-worn line – that Corbynistas have not completely taken over – harder to hold water. Billy Hayes and Seema Chandwani take up their places as constituency Labour party representatives after …

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Avoid a sectarian slugfest

Editorial  |  19 September 2017

Labour conference could be about policy, not procedure In his book, The Road to Brighton Pier, the political writer Leslie Hunter describes the atmosphere inside a Labour party languishing in opposition, and riven with factional animosity, in the months leading up to the party conference in Brighton: ‘Except on the most formal occasions there was no social …

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Brighton bound

Luke Akehurst  |  29 August 2017

Will Momentum, the National Executive Committee and the leader’s office break Labour’s unity with hostile rule changes at party conference? Labour party annual conference 2017 will operate on two levels. Publicly, the unexpectedly good performance for Labour in the June general election means that there will be a celebratory mood and frontbench speakers, particularly Jeremy Corbyn, are …

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Seriously Corbynism

Philip Collins  |  11 July 2017

A proper consideration of the Labour leader’s programme must now happen, writes Philip Collins For most of his career on the fringes of politics, Jeremy Corbyn has not been a serious figure. Happy to campaign forlornly for losing causes, largely on foreign policy issues over which he had no influence, he was destined to be a footnote …

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Competing visions

Luke Akehurst  |  11 February 2017

A hard-left takeover of conference would change more than the odd policy, argues Luke Akehurst This year Labour party members do not get balloted for the National Executive Committee but they will vote in a national one member one vote ballot for another very important national committee – the Conference Arrangements Committee. Nominations for the aforementioned CAC can …

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Terror of the Trotskyites

Rachel Reeves MP  |  1 December 2016

Exclusive extracts from Rachel Reeves’ book on the first woman MP for Leeds reveal Alice Bacon as a fiercely loyal reformist Alice [Bacon], a young woman, a miner’s daughter and teacher, was elected as a member of parliament at the age of 35. The first female MP in Leeds, the first (with Muriel Nichol), in fact, …

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Making it work

Mary Wimbury  |  4 November 2016

Party unity is a consequence, not a condition, of leadership —Walking out of the hall after this year’s Labour party leadership result announcement, I was stopped by ITV Wales and asked for a reaction. I told them Jeremy Corbyn had made a conciliatory speech and I hoped that that would turn into conciliatory action. Leadership cannot just be about words: it must …

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Tackling antisemitism is not a zero-sum game

Mike Katz  |  19 October 2016

Tackling antisemitism is not a zero-sum game. The vast majority of people who are worried by the rising levels of antisemitism in our society highlighted by the home affairs select committee report do not want to see the world’s oldest prejudices stamped out at the expense of addressing all other bigotry. There truly is no …

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