Nigel Farage

Parliamentary damage limitation

Heidi Alexander MP  |  17 July 2017

The general election has changed the nature of the Brexit debate in Westminster For those of us in the Labour party who want to put the brakes on Brexit, the result of the general election last month means it is ‘game on’. Whether we can stop Brexit or simply shape it remains to be seen …

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Labour must offer a ‘better Brexit’

Christabel Cooper  |  29 March 2017

Build a winning coalition of Remain and Leave voters is possible if Labour displays the competence to deliver a better post-Brexit Britain than Theresa May, argues Christabel Cooper It seems a very long time ago that the United Kingdom Independence party was regarded as an existential threat to the political establishment. In the last few weeks they …

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The end of liberalism?

Ellie Groves  |  10 January 2017

Turning the clock back on Britain would be an abdication of the national interest, argues Ellie Groves. This article is part of The Labour Interest series. Is this the end of liberalism as we know it? Does Brexit, Donald Trump, and the rise of the populist right mean that Labour, without scrutiny, should make the conclusion that …

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Integration is a two-way street

Mark Lewis  |  6 January 2017

Tackling barriers to integration must be a priority for this government, writes Mark Lewis In my article ‘Integration is essential post-Brexit’ I argued that in the past few months we have seen community cohesion deteriorate and I believed that the government must make community integration a priority. However, it has taken Chuka Umunna MP to …

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The Last Word: Copeland challenge

Richard Angell  |  22 December 2016

Jamie Reed leaving parliament I am personally extremely sad that Jamie Reed – and former author of this column – is leaving parliament in the near year but understand that he must put his family first. His new role people he might be able to get more done for the people of Copeland than he …

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The Brexit Club

Melanie Onn MP  |  8 November 2016

The Inside Story of the Leave Campaign’s Shock Victory Do you want to know what drives such haters of the European Union to spend millions of pounds and years planning a campaign to pull the United Kingdom out of Europe? If you do, don’t read this book. While the egos of the likes of Arron Banks and Matthew Elliott …

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More than warm words

Christabel Edwards  |  3 November 2016

Remain lost the referendum vote narrowly, but as Farage himself said before the results came in, why should a 52-48 margin be the end of the fight? It should not, and that is because the vote was about much more than Europe. For many voters, the European Union was a scapegoat for an economic situation that’s …

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The responsibility lies with us

Allen Simpson  |  25 October 2016

I have a confession to make. Last year I put a bet on Brexit winning. To be clear – I voted for Remain, but I was almost certain that the referendum was not going to go well. The main reason for my certainty was that I had spent the previous two years knocking on hundreds …

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After Farage

Matthew Goodwin  |  5 September 2016

Both a Ukip collapse or revival could spell danger for Labour, writes Matthew Goodwin At the 2016 referendum on the European Union, Nigel Farage and the United Kingdom Independence party achieved all they had ever wanted. After 23 years of campaigning, much of it spent in the electoral backwaters, the self-anointed ‘People’s Army’ helped to force a nationwide …

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No mugs

Jade Azim  |  20 July 2016

Labour must speak to its heartlands without bending to Ukip’s will, writes Jade Azim The post-Brexit world poses one particular threat to the Labour party to trump all others: a potential United Kingdom Independence party insurgency which could see us usurped in our heartlands, as part of a war of attrition over freedom of movement. …

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