Nigel Farage

Time to build a plan ahead of the onslaught

Jacqui Smith  |  24 June 2016

Through bitter and angry tears at 4.30am this morning, my overriding feeling was that I had let my children down. Parents of teenagers often know what this feels like, but today I realise I have let everyone else’s children down too. One of the reasons for the Leave vote is a feeling of immense alienation …

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Britain needs reconciliation, not rancour

David Talbot  |  21 June 2016

The murder of Jo Cox has formed a dark shadow over an already desperately squalid referendum campaign. National referendums only come about once in a generation and, on the evidence of the past few months, thank goodness and good riddance. The hyperbolic language, fear and loathing, the nostalgia, scaremongering and the endless Tory psychodrama coupled …

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The Last Word: Know your enemy

Jamie Reed MP  |  6 June 2016

As the finish line for the European Union referendum approaches, politicians of all stripes have reached out to strange and stranger-still bedfellows to coalesce around one of two poles: in or out. It was strange to see George Galloway and Nigel Farage make common cause. Stranger still to witness Gisela Stuart and Michael Gove campaigning …

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Shaping the world

Lisa Nandy MP  |  6 June 2016

From within the European Union we can influence events, not simply surrender to them, writes Lisa Nandy Planes disappearing from the skies over Europe, boats arriving on the beaches of Lesbos, a global financial crash and the unmistakable trend of one record-breaking global temperature rise after another. These recent events underline how our security and …

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Edged out?

Jamie Milne  |  4 April 2016

If the boorishness and ignorance of the Brexit campaign has left you with the world-weary feeling of someone who has seen it all, then cast your gaze over to the Netherlands where imperilling your own country’s future is not racy enough a proposition. Instead, this week the Dutch go to the polls in the name of …

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British Labour and Conservative Leaders

Richard Carr  |  2 October 2015

At the last five general elections the British public has voted in favour of a prime minister who offers centrism, charisma, competence and confidence. Labour’s response to this has been to replace Ed Miliband with Jeremy Corbyn. For some it may be difficult to know where to begin with that. Fortunately BiteBack’s edited volumes on …

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Left right centre

Tal Michael  |  18 September 2015

            This is the graphic that matters in British politics.                       The figures change at the margin between polls (this is from before the election) but the overall picture remains the same. It is not the only spectrum that matters …

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Following Farage: On the Trail of the People’s Army

Samantha Jury-Dada  |  26 August 2015

When the United Kingdom Independence party was established in 1993 by Alan Sked, the party existed for one reason only: to campaign for the UK to leave the European Union. Jump ahead 22 years later and the party is now unrecognisable to its founder, who tells the author of Following Farage: ‘I’m Dr Frankenstein and the …

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Summer reading: dusting down the old tomes

Paul Richards  |  29 July 2015

This summer, the Labour party needs a holiday like never before. It needs to turn off Twitter, drink sangria, feel the sand beneath its toes and stare at the ocean. It needs to get a little perspective, think about its future, and buy an oversized sombrero. It needs a rest. Knowing it as we do, …

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The politics of the beer goggles

Greg Rosen  |  8 April 2015

Iain Dale’s Biteback has once again published a book that will doubtless sell, and all credit to them for so doing. For political books should be read and to that end it helps if books are free of the jargon that makes so much of the discussion of contemporary public policy so off putting to …

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