Nigel Farage

We can talk about how race, but keep prejudice out

Sunder Katwala  |  20 March 2015

Trevor Phillips talked about the things that you are not allowed to say about race on national television last night. He had revealed ten things you are not allowed to say about race in those two samizdat underground publications, the Sunday Times and the Daily Mail. It was a way of boosting the viewing figures …

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Gang of one

Robert Philpot  |  19 March 2015

Will Nigel Farage meet the fate of the SDP, asks Robert Philpot On 26 March 1981, four former Labour cabinet ministers – Roy Jenkins, David Owen, Bill Rodgers, and Shirley Williams – formally announced the launch of the Social Democratic party. The mood on the day, suggest Ivor Crewe and Anthony King in their history …

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A Britain we won’t give up on

Naushabah Khan  |  13 February 2015

This week Nigel Farage launched the United Kingdom Independence party’s 2015 election campaign addressing an audience at Canvey Island, Essex. There was a hint of desperation in his words as he urged Britons to ‘believe in Britain’ and asked ‘neglected voters to make their voices heard and choose MPs that care about their lives’, a …

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Littered with irony

Robert Philpot  |  11 February 2015

Nigel Farage is presiding over the Europeanisation of British politics Political history is littered with ironies. Anthony Eden, who prided himself on his expertise in world affairs, was forced from office by his disastrous intervention in Suez. James Callaghan was renowned for his closeness to the trade unions. He was defeated in May 1979 largely …

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Ukip’s health policy on the operating table

Naushabah Khan  |  22 January 2015

We all have a good idea of where Labour and the Tories stand when it comes to healthcare and the National Health Service in this country, but what about the latest entrant on the political playing field – the United Kingdom Independence party? You could be forgiven for being slightly confused by its position, and …

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Only Labour can make the case for Britain in Europe

Kevin Peel  |  5 December 2014

With the Tories dancing to the United Kingdom Independence party’s tune and the Liberal Democrats losing deposits in virtually every by-election of this parliament, only Labour can make the bold, progressive case for Britain’s future at the heart of Europe – and we must urgently rise to the challenge. The debate on British membership of …

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Why Vote Ukip: The Essential Guide

Jamie Reed MP  |  14 November 2014

In what is surely another first for the United Kingdom Independence party, this is the first political manifesto I have ever read that requires a postmodernist deconstruction. Famously, the father of postmodernism, Jean-François Lyotard, wrote that ‘knowledge is only worthy of that name to the extent that it reduplicates itself … by citing its own …

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Mercurial men

Hopi Sen  |  13 November 2014

Alex Salmond and Nigel Farage were political twins You will not find many references to Nigel Farage in Alex Salmond’s political obituaries. He and the leader of the United Kingdom Independence party are hardly bosom buddies. Salmond thinks Farage a backward-looking ‘little Englander’. Farage thinks Salmond fuels anti-English nationalism which abuses opponents. Yet, as Salmond …

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Style matters

Matt Forde  |  12 November 2014

Matt Forde identifies one advantage of the rise of Ukip If you’d said to people two years ago that politics was exciting and enthralling they’d have completely disagreed. Most people probably still think it’s boring but the last year has definitely been far more exciting than we could have predicted. In an age when we’re …

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Dark vistas

Lewis Baston  |  11 November 2014

Next May’s election may resemble that of October 1974, believes Lewis Baston Time is running out for two polling phenomena which many have been expecting to kick in before the next general election. The first expected pattern was that the support for insurgent parties would fade as the choice of governments started to loom larger …

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