Nigel Farage

Flying free

Simon Fanshawe  |  1 December 2011

Nigel Farage has written his autobiography and jolly pleased he is with it too. A Flashman-like character, with his velvet collar on his camel hair coat, his occasional trilby and absolute detestation of anything that gets in the way of right-thinking, freeborn Englishness, he holds himself out as a man against all rules (‘I hate …

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End of the fiesta

Denis MacShane MP  |  31 October 2011

This month’s general election in Spain heralds another defeat for the left in Europe, reports Denis MacShane The shabby building in Calle Feraz just up from the bullet-marked bunkers that defended Madrid from General Franco’s assault 75 years ago is unadorned. Just a dirty red rose in a fist on a dusty sign says this …

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The one pro-European Tory

Denis MacShane MP  |  27 October 2011

In a powerful Times comment today, David Aaronovitch (£), paints a delightful picture of Jacob Rees Mogg as the quintessential anti-EU Tory MP. The Mogg, as he is now affectionately known, has become a great Commons character in the space of a few months. For Aaronovitch his Shakespearean rhetoric as he rails like Glendower against …

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