Nigel Farage

Could it happen here?

Anthony Painter  |  1 December 2011

The populist right has made gains across Europe. Why not in Britain, asks Anthony Painter So it did happen. In the year following its staggering first place finish in the 2014 European parliamentary elections, the political classes had argued that the English Independence party’s support – in the mid-20s – was just froth. But in …

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Flying free

Simon Fanshawe  |  1 December 2011

Nigel Farage has written his autobiography and jolly pleased he is with it too. A Flashman-like character, with his velvet collar on his camel hair coat, his occasional trilby and absolute detestation of anything that gets in the way of right-thinking, freeborn Englishness, he holds himself out as a man against all rules (‘I hate …

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End of the fiesta

Denis MacShane MP  |  31 October 2011

This month’s general election in Spain heralds another defeat for the left in Europe, reports Denis MacShane The shabby building in Calle Feraz just up from the bullet-marked bunkers that defended Madrid from General Franco’s assault 75 years ago is unadorned. Just a dirty red rose in a fist on a dusty sign says this …

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The one pro-European Tory

Denis MacShane MP  |  27 October 2011

In a powerful Times comment today, David Aaronovitch (£), paints a delightful picture of Jacob Rees Mogg as the quintessential anti-EU Tory MP. The Mogg, as he is now affectionately known, has become a great Commons character in the space of a few months. For Aaronovitch his Shakespearean rhetoric as he rails like Glendower against …

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