Keep asking till you get the ‘right answer’

Richard Angell  |  2 October 2015

We need to talk to about what happened with Trident this week at Labour party conference. Before we do, it is worth remembering the reccurring horror show that this debate has long been for Labour. The last time Labour was in the wilderness, its unilateral disarmament stance was cited regularly by voters as a reason …

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Putting principles first

Alan Johnson MP  |  28 January 2014

Let’s complete John Smith’s unfinished business As we commemorate the centenary of the start of the first world war, it is ironic that the Labour party is looking again at a structure that largely emerged from that period. When the war began the party existed as a federation of trade unions and socialist societies with …

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Militant moderate

Richard Angell and Robert Philpot  |  4 February 2013

The trade unions should have less power in the Labour party, a combative Alan Johnson tells Robert Philpot and Richard Angell Trade unions are in danger of becoming ‘irrelevant’ and ‘cannot connect to a whole swath of the workforce that thinks they died out with the ark,’ Alan Johnson, one of the most senior figures …

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The role of strategy board members

David Green  |  31 August 2012

Progress’ new strategy board means that for the first time members can have a voice in the decisions which direct the organisation’s – and, by extension, the Labour party’s – future direction. This is an incredible opportunity, at a time when Progress is enjoying both unprecedented success in membership numbers and influence, and also facing …

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A new guru in town?

The Insider  |  30 August 2012

Is it a case of step aside Maurice Glasman, there’s a new guru in town? The big Labour summer hit is the rise of the Australian philosopher-politico Tim Soutphommasane, who is being feted by the the party leadership for his suggestion that Labour should create a liberal-left national story of progressive patriotism. Sadly, the ‘guru’ …

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No time for cuts and complacency

Michael Hassell  |  20 July 2012

The fall in the level of overall recorded crime is to be welcomed. This is testament to the hard work of our police forces across the country. The fall follows a trend which has lasted for over 30 years but this is no time for complacency. Policing has been well funded in this country and …

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NEC report May 2012

Luke Akehurst  |  1 June 2012

The full National Executive Committee met on 29 May. It was a long meeting (four hours) with a lot of serious deliberation but no fireworks. Chair Michael Cashman welcomed Sadiq Khan who has replaced Peter Hain as a shadow ministerial representative on the NEC following Peter’s retirement from the frontbench. He announced that Tom Watson …

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Changing to win in Glasgow

James Adams  |  28 May 2012

Every election campaign is a learning process. Some lessons are enjoyable and some are hard to take. Labour’s result in Glasgow, and indeed across Scotland, on 3 May is firmly in the enjoyable category as we began to put into action some of the lessons we learned from our painful defeat of 2011. As a …

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Building the new centre ground

Bex Bailey  |  20 March 2012

Winning in 2015 requires an understanding of where the electorate will be. By anticipating now where people will be then, we can begin to build now a set of winning policies. However, as an audience member pointed out in the Progress political weekend session ‘Building the new centre ground: understanding the electorate of 2015’, we …

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NEC Report – January 2012

Luke Akehurst  |  25 January 2012

Constituency representative Luke Akehurst reports on the full National Executive Committee  meeting of 24 January. The meeting opened with a Partnership in Power (ie policy process) report from Peter Hain. Peter said that the extended consultation on how we make policy was closing at the end of January.   Proposals for reform of the process …

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