party reform

Enthusing members

Katy Clark  |  4 December 2017

Help Jeremy Corbyn build a country for the many not the few, writes Katy Clark

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ANALYSIS: Does the past predict the future?

Conor Pope  |  4 December 2017

The Katy Clark ‘democracy review’ wears its faction on its sleeve, believes Conor Pope

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Ideas alone are not enough

Conor Pope  |  21 September 2017

The lesson from losing is not that fighting is wrong, argues Conor Pope  It is easy, when analysing a situation, to simply come to the conclusion that it was always inevitable. Every action take beforehand simply becomes a step towards a single conclusion. It is basic ‘history is written by the victors’ stuff: the losers have …

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The long road back

Conor Pope  |  12 December 2016

2017 might not be the recovery progressives were hoping for but it could show that a corner has been turned Not only was 2016 was one of the lowest troughs for the centre-left both here and abroad, there was plenty to suggest a nadir has not yet been reached. Is 2017 a write-off already? There is little in the way …

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