Phil Wilson

More talking, less Twitter

Phil Wilson MP  |  31 August 2016

In the early 1990s, Sedgefield Labour party received permission from head office to experiment with membership recruitment. The local party had already expanded its membership but we knew we could do more. Recruitment was important to us. Attracting Labour supporters into membership was a practical means of bringing the party closer to the communities we …

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Taking on Vote Leave’s false claims

Phil Wilson MP  |  13 April 2016

The European Union referendum on 23 June is the most important decision to face the United Kingdom in a generation. The decision cannot be changed after five years as if it were for a parliamentary term. It is a decision of a generation because it will be final and will determine the kind of Britain …

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A new Labour party

Editorial  |  5 September 2013

Labour’s history of special conferences is not an entirely happy one. While the conference which formed the Labour Representation Committee in 1900 was one such – triggered by Thomas R Steels, a member of the Amalgamated Society of Railway Servants, proposing in his union branch that the Trades Union Congress call a special conference to …

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Earning, belonging and owning

Phil Wilson MP  |  24 July 2013

Surely aspiration drives our politics? We aspire for our children to do better than we did ourselves. We aspire for our communities to do well, and we believe the best way of securing all of this is through working together because we achieve more together than we ever do alone. We should never let the …

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The Politics of Solutions

Nearly everyone involved in politics has been told by a voter: ‘You are all the same.’ Given the Punch and Judy parliamentary routine, it can look like politicians spend a lot of time attacking each other, trying to explain how different we are from each other, when what our constituents want are solutions to problems. …

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All the pits have closed

Hopi Sen  |  2 July 2012

If you visit Phil Wilson’s constituency of Sedgefield, you’ll soon be reminded of the deep heritage of the Labour movement in County Durham. Whether the monument to the Trimdon Grange disaster, the huge ballroom of the Ferryhill Working Men’s Club, or a roadsign giving you directions to Peterlee – perhaps the only town in the …

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A test Miliband must pass

Editorial  |  5 September 2011

Labour’s leader has been brave to take on the task of reforming the party. He deserves to succeed ‘Party reform,’ Sedgefield MP and former Tony Blair aide Phil Wilson once suggested, ‘stopped on 2 May 1997.’ Until this point, New Labour’s drive to reform the party was rightly based on the notion that it had …

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