Adam Barnett  |  29 November 2017

What US thinking on populism can teach us about how we tell true egalitarians from false friends and frauds, writes Adam Barnett It is a sign of our shallow times that despite the ubiquity of the word ‘populism’ over the last two years, so little attention has been paid to the movement which gave it currency …

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How left populism took hold

Conor Pope  |  27 June 2017

The Labour leader’s revitalisation is based on a belief that there has never been a better time for his politics to succeed, writes Conor Pope ‘Last night compounded a growing feeling: Jeremy Corbyn’s time is either now, or he does not have one.’ That was the view from inside the leader’s office and figures in …

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Preventing populism

Ben Dilks  |  3 May 2017

Another day, another thinktank. Tony Blair has announced he is to launch the Institute for Global Change. The project will bring together his existing initiatives under one roof, including work on African governance, fighting religious extremism, and Middle East policy. But piquing the most interest is a new dedicated unit for ‘renewing the centre’. The 25-strong team’s specific remit …

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Brexit is Labour’s future

Jonathan Rutherford  |  10 January 2017

The Labour party must stand with the labour interest – and that means embracing Brexit, writes Jonathan Rutherford Brexit has exposed the cultural and political divisions within the Labour party and its coalition, and it has confounded it. But Brexit is a profound moment in the history of our country and it offers Labour the …

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What next for progressives in Austria?

Philipp Novak  |  7 December 2016

After Brexit and Trump, Austrian voters seem to have stopped the latest wave of right-wing populist in this week’s presidential elections. With the support of large parts of the governing parties, the Green candidate Alexander Van der Bellen defeated the nationalist Freedom party candidate Norbert Hofer, despite Hofer presenting himself as relatively moderate during the election …

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What happened?

Peter Kellner  |  5 December 2016

The voters pollsters missed – traditionally Labour and Democrat – are now supporters of populist parties, leaders and causes, finds Peter Kellner   In the early evening of 8 November, just as the first American states were closing their polling stations, a Fox News executive rang Donald Trump’s headquarters. Provisional figures from the exit polls indicated that …

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Face tomorrow with determination

Tom Railton  |  17 November 2016

The modern world is not a very fun place to be a moderniser. But after a decade of frustration, despair and defeat, those of us on the British centre left should at least have been more emotionally prepared than most for the bonfire of optimism that 2016 has brought to politics. Our buffer zone of …

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MPs are not the enemy

Christabel Cooper  |  1 August 2016

In the days after the murder of Jo Cox, members of parliament became human again. Suddenly our parliamentarians were capable of compassion, of caring deeply about their local community. Suddenly they were frail and vulnerable like the rest of us. But this became forgotten as the tragic news of Jo Cox’s death faded from the …

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Adapt or die

Adam Lent  |  14 July 2016

Adopting a centre-left anti-elitist stance is uncomfortable but necessary, argues Adam Lent Just over a decade ago, the final report of the Power Inquiry was published. The inquiry was an independent investigation into the state of British democracy chaired by Helena Kennedy QC and I was the research director. We discovered a deep hatred of Westminster …

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Letter from … Helsinki

Mikko Majander  |  17 November 2015

The Social Democratic party faced a bitter moment of truth in Finland’s April 2015 elections. After four turbulent years as a junior partner in a coalition government the SDP attracted an all-time low of 16.5 per cent of the vote, ranking only fourth among the parties. The elections also produced a new deal in the …

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