The new journey

Viv Pointon  |  22 March 2016

The drive through to Stoke Rochford Hall is stunning. Its grandeur was a little intimidating but I found the hall buzzing with energy and enthusiasm – so many young Labour activists! In this glorious place, redolent of the past, we debated the future. There were three themes to engage us at the Progress political weekend …

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While Labour should remember the past, we cannot live in it

Liam Martin-Lane  |  22 March 2016

‘Blair’s dated, right-wing version of Momentum are having a get together’ was how one Twitter user described to me Progress political weekend. But I and over 130 others, young as well as old, knew the reasons for attending. In this vital quest to rebuild the centre-left and make the Labour party a credible party of …

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‘There’s nothing wrong that a decent Labour government couldn’t fix’

Christabel Cooper  |  18 March 2016

The apocryphal Chinese curse ‘may you live in interesting times’ came to mind several times during the Progress political weekend. These are certainly ‘interesting times’ for Labour members, and the weekend at the National Union of Teachers’ Stoke Rochford Hall – crammed with speeches and discussions about the party’s past, present and future – was …

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Learning from losing 

Spencer Livermore  |  14 March 2016

Let me begin by thanking Ben for his presentation. This research is vital to making sure we learn the right lessons from our 2015 defeat, and the Labour party should have had the courage to publish it. Let me also thank Progress for inviting me to speak today. As someone who worked for Gordon Brown for ten years, being invited to a …

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A reminder that Labour is a progressive movement for change

Michael Davies  |  14 March 2016

Like some in the Labour party I have recently found myself asking, ‘Is this still the party for me?’ My first memory of politics – like most people my age – is from 1997 and waking up to news that Labour, and some guy called Tony Blair, was now in government. As a 10-year-old kid …

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Twelve months to get to first base

Angela Smith MP  |  13 March 2016

Welcome and thank you. Now, I want to be cheerful this morning; in particular, I don’t want to puncture the feel good mood created by Wes Streeting’s wonderful speech at last night’s dinner. We may be down, we may be feeling lost and friendless, we may even have moments when we feel as though we …

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Labour must show leadership on the EU

Pat McFadden MP  |  13 March 2016

It is good to be here at Progress. Good to be among an audience that takes pride in Labour’s achievements in government and wants to get back there again. Good to be with friends who see building a winning coalition and governing the country not as the desertion of Labour’s principles but as the means …

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We are modernisers. We must live up to our name

Liz Kendall MP  |  13 March 2016

I want to talk about three challenges facing our party, and what we must do to respond. The biggest challenge for Labour is to be relevant – to have ‘skin in the game’ on the key issues facing Britain. The continuing risks and weakness in the global economy, and our own. The appalling civil war …

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What progressives on the left have always fought for

Alison McGovern MP  |  12 March 2016

This isn’t a misery weekend for moaners. This weekend is about ideas, optimism and hope.  And that’s what I want to talk to you about today. Because for me it is hope that is so important.  Because all the beating ourselves up, the wallowing in self-pity, the gallows humour, actually that holds us back. Pessimism, …

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Our party is nothing without its members and activists

Rohullah Yakobi  |  26 February 2016

Each year Progress organises a political weekend full of workshops, seminars and plenaries with Labour’s front bench and leading progressive thinkers. Held at the NUT’s Stoke Rochford Hall, the event has become a regular feature in the Labour political calendar. This year’s political weekend is coming up on 12 and 13 March. To apply for a bursary …

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