Why the old tunes aren’t the best

Stuart Hudson  |  21 December 2015

At Christmas, the Labour staff party has at least one difference from the typical office knees-up. Someone, at some point, will ask the DJ to play ‘Things Can Only Get Better’. This year we are told that the sound of D:Ream’s anthem from the 1997 election brought plenty of nostalgic staffers to the dance floor …

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The forgotten project

Tristram Hunt MP  |  9 December 2015

Re-examining ‘predistribution’ could kick off Labour’s intellectual renewal, writes Tristram Hunt Unimaginative. Uninspiring. Weak. Just a few of the more printable pejoratives which greeted the England team’s desperate performances at the recent Rugby World Cup. What is worse, just six months previous, during the annual Six Nations Championship, England seemed to be a team bursting with creativity …

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New hard times

Claudia Chwalisz  |  9 December 2015

We need to open up new routes to social justice, writes Claudia Chwalisz How to reconcile economic efficiency with social justice in a market capitalist society? For a long time the left relied on traditional ‘tax and spend’ redistribution to address these twin concerns of mitigating inequality and supporting growth in the postwar years. However, this …

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Unlocking the code

Philip Collins  |  11 June 2015

Labour needs to talk about aspiration without the jargon ‘Aspiration?’ demanded John Prescott on the Today programme, with scarcely concealed contempt, ‘What the ‘eck is that?’ If he had only meant that he was seeking clarification on the meaning of the term, I would be with Prescott on this. Politics in Britain has become conducted …

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2020 vision

Parmjit Dhanda  |  9 March 2015

Labour needs to plan now for the Britain of 2020, writes Parmjit Dhanda Five years ago, when we lost the general election, including my bellwether seat of Gloucester, our kids were very young. Zac was four, Max had just turned one. Our infants’ experience of five years ago was not one of being born in to …

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Labour must renew the pledge to end child poverty

Andrew Harrop  |  25 February 2015

1999 is in the headlines today, with news that the stock market has finally surpassed its dot-com peak. But a new Fabian Society report looks back to another key moment in 1999: Tony Blair’s historic pledge to end child poverty within 20 years. Action on child poverty was a top priority in the 11 years …

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Tell it again, Ed

Mark Rusling  |  19 September 2013

This time last year, David Cameron was mocking Ed Miliband for advocating ‘predistribution’. Ed argued for a move away from an approach to low pay based purely on top-ups through the tax and welfare systems towards one in which welfare becomes less necessary as employees are paid a decent wage in the first place. At …

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Opportunity Cost: What price predistribution and industrial activism?

Ben Cox  |  23 April 2013

George Osborne has indeed set a fiscal trap. To accept his cuts is economic madness. To reject them is electoral suicide. If Labour accepts the ‘spending envelope’, Labour undermines its ‘too far, too fast’ argument, the IMF’s belated agreement with our stance and, as it goes, the evidence. Reject it and the electorate’s worst suspicions …

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Opportunities cost: What price predistribution and industrial activism?

Simon Jeffrey  |  23 April 2013

11am, Tuesday 23 April 2013, Wilson Room Andrew Adonis shadow infrastructure minister Toby Perkins MP shadow small business minister Nicola Smith head of economic and social affairs, TUC Hopi Sen joint author, ‘In the Black’ Labour Chair Seema Malhotra MP chair, parliamentary Labour party business group With the launch of a new Progress pamphlet, The Purple …

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Purple progress

Adam Harrison  |  26 October 2012

Adam Harrison assesses the impact of The Purple Book one year on ‘Predistribution’, ‘One Nation Labour’, reform of the state and market, universal childcare, and greater activism on housing were just some of the proposals made last year by Labour modernisers contributing to The Purple Book. With the ambition to fashion a new Labour programme …

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