Progress annual conference

I want aspiration for the working classes

Caroline Flint MP  |  16 May 2015

Thank you for very much for that warm welcome. I really appreciate it. Can I echo what John Woodcock said about giving a big thank you. It wasn’t for want of a better ground campaign that we lost this election. You worked your socks off and gave your heart and soul. There’s been a lot …

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Progress annual conference 2015: Deciding the decade to come

Stuart Macnaughtan  |  16 May 2015

Progress annual conference 2015 10am-5pm, Saturday 16 May 2015 TUC Congress Centre, Great Russell Street, London, WC1B 3LS                           Agenda for Progress annual conference 2015: 10am: Introduction John Woodcock MP Chair, Progress 10.15am: Where did it all go wrong? Caroline Flint MP Shadow secretary of …

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Does Labour need a public services reform agenda?

Sally Prentice  |  28 May 2013

Labour must have a public services reform agenda that addresses the issues that people feel most worried about – jobs, social care, opportunities for young people – but in a way that enthuses and engages both citizens and public servants; that was the central message of this session of the Progress annual conference.  Kate Godfrey, …

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Marginals or marginalia?

Stephen Bush  |  14 May 2013

I used to think that coalition was the way forward: any hue that wasn’t blue would do me just fine. I thought that British politics was a disastrous night out: a nation determined to go for a pub crawl forced into Starbucks by three determined coffee-drinkers. But I realise now that coalition politics isn’t the …

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Blue to red: Can Labour win without Tory switchers?

Catherine Vallis  |  14 May 2013

‘No.’ This was the simple answer from Mary Creagh that kicked off the Progress annual conference 2013 breakout session ‘Can Labour win without Tory switchers?’ To explore this issue Progress brought together a diverse panel chaired by Hopi Sen. Mary Creagh, the shadow environment secretary, was joined by Independent columnist Owen Jones, former Daily Telegraph …

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One Nation understood

Ivan Lewis MP  |  14 May 2013

As Ed Miliband set out in his powerful and emotional speech to last year’s Labour party conference, One Nation is a vision for Britain’s national renewal which aims to give people a sense of hope that both the family they love and the country they love can have a fairer and more successful future. Britain …

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Speech to Progress annual conference 2013

Ed Miliband MP  |  13 May 2013

Thank you for that kind reception. But it is great to be here at Progress. For nearly 20 years Progress has been an important forum for debate in our party, and it will to continue to provide that in the future. That’s why I am proud to be here today. We meet – as we …

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Progress annual conference 2013

Simon Jeffrey  |  11 May 2013

Saturday 11 May 2013 | 10:00 to 17:00 Congress Centre, 23-28 Great Russell Street, WC1B 3LS Keynote speaker: Ed Miliband MP Progress annual conference is the biggest event in the Progress calendar. Our conference brings together Labour members and trade unionists from across the country with senior politicians, union leaders, councillors and political commentators. Always …

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Pro-growth, pro-reform

Andrew Adonis  |  29 May 2012

Similarities with the 1970s abound. Labour must respond with boldness and radicalism Approaching the halfway point of the government, a significant political shift is taking place in Labour’s direction. Partly this is midterm coalition blues. But something more fundamental is happening. The Tories promised their economic plan would deliver growth and jobs. Two years on …

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What’s Labour’s USP?

Rachael Saunders  |  24 May 2012

The closing session of Progress conference 2012 was a wide-ranging with a star line-up chaired by Simon Fanshawe: Jacqui Smith, Caroline Flint, Chuka Umunna and David Aaronovitch fielding questions from the audience. Jacqui Smith gave pragmatic advice to anyone trying to make the most of being in power locally, and everyone seeking to win back …

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