Team Corbyn is not wedded to good publicity

Paul Richards  |  11 January 2017

The belief in the leader’s office that all publicity is good means they might actually think yesterday went well, writes Paul Richards Everything was prepared. Nothing left to chance. Jeremy Corbyn’s spin doctors had crafted the new messages, and set up a raft of high-profile interviews with major broadcasters. They had prepped their boss, roleplaying …

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Corbynism: phase two

Conor Pope  |  9 January 2017

What are the implications of Jeremy Corbyn’s relaunch as a leftwing Donald Trump? This week will see Jeremy Corbyn ‘relaunch’ as a leftwing, anti-establishment populist, ditching the mainstream centrist approach that has ill-served him up until now. Inspired by the rise of Donald Trump, Corbyn’s team have determined that the lesson to learn from the defeat of …

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