Cross-party, not new parties

Charlie Cadywoud  |  31 March 2017

Richard Dawkins’ ‘European party’ would likely split the pro-European vote and let more Brexiteers into parliament, writes Charlie Cadywould Bitter memories of the failed Social Democratic party mean that few, if any, centrist Labour members of parliament are in favour of a split, despite the party’s current difficulties. However, as non-Labour Remainers adjust to the triggering of article …

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Labour must offer a ‘better Brexit’

Christabel Cooper  |  29 March 2017

Build a winning coalition of Remain and Leave voters is possible if Labour displays the competence to deliver a better post-Brexit Britain than Theresa May, argues Christabel Cooper It seems a very long time ago that the United Kingdom Independence party was regarded as an existential threat to the political establishment. In the last few weeks they …

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Simply sloganeering

Matt Kelly  |  6 March 2017

Matt Kelly dissects the government’s underwhelming Brexit white paper Two distinct doses of poison must be swallowed in any examination of the Brexit white paper. The first, one of indigestible condescension from the prime minister. The second, the procession of lies, overpromises and wishful thinking that masquerade as substance in the government’s 12 objectives. That …

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2017: A survival guide

Ben Shimshon and Cordelia Hay  |  13 February 2017

After an awful year for progressives, Ben Shimshon and Cordelia Hay set out four ways to survive the next 12 months At BritainThinks, we are lucky to hear from voters week in and week out. In 2016, many of us forgot the lesson that you need start from where people actually are, not where you wish they were. …

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‘The country is obviously divided’

Conor Pope and Richard Angell  |  2 February 2017

Labour must accept – and understand – the referendum, Keir Starmer tells Richard Angell and Conor Pope While the vote to leave the European Union last June may have quickly claimed the career of a Conservative prime minister as its first political victim, it is beginning to feel as though there is an increasing risk that the entire Labour …

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Preventing a disastrous Brexit

Christabel Cooper  |  1 February 2017

Labour must accept the result of the referendum, but it does not have to accept Theresa May’s warped version of Brexit, argues Christabel Cooper Much of Theresa May’s Brexit speech two weeks ago came as little surprise. The announcement that the United Kingdom would not seek to remain a member of the single market had the …

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Centre forward

Atul Hatwal and Gisela Stuart MP  |  2 November 2016

What does the centre-ground look like in a Brexit era? Gisela Stuart and Atul Hatwal survey the landscape.

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