responsible capitalism

‘The unacceptable face of capitalism’

Karen Buck MP  |  27 July 2016

British Home Stores, once the flagship enterprise of the then acclaimed ‘retail wizard’ Philip Green, is winding up fast. Eleven thousand employees stand to lose their jobs. 20,000 pensioners face cuts to their pensions – losing up to 77 per cent in the worst case. Contributions to those reduced pensions will potentially have to come from …

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The smallest minority

Christabel Cooper  |  16 June 2016

Attacking Topshop helps no one Politics remains a world dominated by white men and I am a BAME woman. Yet possibly the very smallest minority within the Labour party that I belong to is that of members who work in the private sector. This was a point I put to Jeremy Corbyn at Progress annual conference last month, …

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An end to the zero-sum economy

Dan Faundez  |  18 February 2016

By articulating a vision that spoke about the future and connected with people’s aspirations, the Labour party was able to win three successive general elections. In simplistic terms, the model for the political economy was that government intervention was limited to address market failure and the proceeds of taxation were applied to invest in social …

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Simply ‘more jobs and growth’ may no longer be adequate

Alex White  |  18 February 2016

Does the left have a plan for the next economic downturn? When it comes to thinkpieces on why the left failed to make the most out of a global crisis in 2008, supply has far outweighed demand. But eight years on, a pressing task for the Labour party should be to prepare for the next …

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Why long-termism matters

Dan Faundez  |  1 February 2016

In his leader’s speech to Labour party conference in 2011, Ed Miliband distinguished between two types of business: ‘predators’ and ‘producers’. He promised to crack down on the former. He was on to something at least insofar as he recognised there are good and bad aspects of capitalism. But the concept was simplistic and the …

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Keeping the discussion going so we can all to shape the change

Adrian Monck  |  22 January 2016

The World Economic Forum’s annual meeting in Davos took place this year against a complicated and fragile global backdrop. Financial markets are nervous. Geopolitics is fraught. Global business is caught in the eye of a hurricane of digital change. The planet’s environment is under strain. How do you take global leaders out of their immediate …

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Labour, social enterprise and B Corps 

Tom McNeil  |  22 January 2016

This week the World Economic Forum in Davos hosts more than 1,000 chief executives and company chairs, and more 40 world leaders to discuss the future of global business and economics. It is at events like this that Labour should take the opportunity to endorse the exciting concept of social enterprise. The Labour party needs …

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Radicalism is not the same as anti-capitalism

Christabel Cooper  |  5 January 2016

Capitalism can be a difficult subject for the left. Attitudes tend to range from those who are downright hostile through to the moderately suspicious. Sometimes those who see genuine positives in a capitalist system are challenged as to how they can even describe themselves as left wing. No wonder that we often just focus policy …

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Why the old tunes aren’t the best

Stuart Hudson  |  21 December 2015

At Christmas, the Labour staff party has at least one difference from the typical office knees-up. Someone, at some point, will ask the DJ to play ‘Things Can Only Get Better’. This year we are told that the sound of D:Ream’s anthem from the 1997 election brought plenty of nostalgic staffers to the dance floor …

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‘Responsible capitalism’ must mean embracing mass empowerment

Adam Lent  |  21 December 2015

Darrell Hammond no longer makes playgrounds. For 15 years, his organisation, KaBoom!, addressed the lack of safe spaces for play in poor communities across the United States by building them. But a couple of years ago, Darrell decided to revolutionise his methods. He put all the tools and techniques needed to create a playground online …

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