Robin Cook

One Nation Labour in culture and sport

Jonathan Todd and David Ward  |  19 November 2012

Ed Miliband’s deployment of One Nation Labour is an audacious land grab for the valuable political territory left vacant by the withering of the Tory left. But this will only have sustained purchase if followed through with credible policy. It is encouraging that the shadow cabinet has met to discuss development of One Nation Labour. …

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The peril of effective opposition

Paul Richards  |  23 March 2012

The Labour party has become an effective opposition. As someone who desperately wants to see our party back in office, that’s a terrifying prospect . Every step we take towards being an effective opposition runs the risk of taking us further away from being a government-in-waiting. An effective opposition does what Labour has achieved in …

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Immigrant nations

Andy Tarrant and Gregg McClymont MP  |  25 July 2011

The United Kingdom is now an immigrant nation. So Paul Scheffer, a Dutch academic and writer, rightly says. His book Immigrant Nations has just been translated into English. He points out that European countries now have proportions of their population born abroad just as large as the US, the traditional land of immigration. Currently for …

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