Soviet Union

Unthinking Leninism

Adrian McMenamin  |  23 November 2017

Crude shadows of the Russian revolution still loom over modern politics, with all of the anger and none of the thought, argues Adrian McMenamin This month’s 100th anniversary of the Bolshevik coup against the Russian republic marked the centenary of possibly the most disastrous event ever to occur to the global left, one that is reflected …

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Poor John Robert Clynes

Conor Pope  |  20 March 2017

Labour’s forgotten leader deserves better than to be airbrushed from the annals of the party’s history, argues Progress deputy editor Conor Pope  New YouGov research published this weekend asked Labour members to choose their top three party leaders of all time. JR Clynes, who led the party for around 20 months from February 1921 until November …

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