Stephen Kinnock

May’s single market own goal

Seema Malhotra MP  |  23 January 2017

May should not turn her back on the option of membership of a reformed single market, writes Seema Malhotra MP Theresa May’s speech at Lancaster House last week fired the starting gun on the Brexit. In her speech, she accepted many of the recommendations of the first Brexit select committee report that came out at the …

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Did Labour’s centre-left revival begin in Liverpool?

Joe Jervis  |  4 October 2016

Following Jeremy Corbyn’s second victory it may be all too easy to assume that ‘things can only get worse’ for the centre-left. While walking past the ‘Cool Britannia’ shops that mark Liverpool’s tourist hotspots, just minutes from Labour’s conference venue, it was difficult not to hark back to an era when Labour oppositions were in …

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British steel needs an industrial strategy

Anna Turley MP  |  15 April 2016

How many steel crises does it take to get this government to realise it needs a proper long-term industrial strategy? That is the question many of us were asking this week as ministers were hauled in front of the House of Commons yet again to explain what support the government are putting in place to …

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The steel crisis is not a political football but a national emergency

Stephen Kinnock MP  |  14 April 2016

The parliamentary Labour party has raised the steel crisis in parliament 208 times since the general election. From urgent questions to opposition day debates to ministerial questions to PMQs and Westminster Hall, we have deployed every tool in the parliamentary toolbox to hold the government to account. But our parliamentary work is the tip of …

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Look to Davos for partners for a new kind of growth

Stephen Kinnock MP  |  22 January 2016

I worked at the World Economic Forum in Geneva from January 2009 until 2012, and I will never forget the febrile mood of my first Davos in January 2009, just a few months after the collapse of Lehman Brothers. I don’t mean the personal sense of ‘new kid on the block’ trepidation that I was experiencing, …

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Radicalism is not the same as anti-capitalism

Christabel Cooper  |  5 January 2016

Capitalism can be a difficult subject for the left. Attitudes tend to range from those who are downright hostile through to the moderately suspicious. Sometimes those who see genuine positives in a capitalist system are challenged as to how they can even describe themselves as left wing. No wonder that we often just focus policy …

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Partners for a new kind of growth

Stephen Kinnock MP  |  21 December 2015

Over the course of the last parliament the Labour party made several attempts to create a new narrative on the economy, and to stimulate a debate around the role of business within that narrative. Phrases such as ‘responsible capitalism’ and ‘pro-business, but not pro-business as usual’ were the watchwords. But they failed to gain traction, …

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The time to renew, not to retreat

Stephen Kinnock MP  |  15 October 2015

Throughout his impressive and highly effective leadership campaign Jeremy Corbyn made it clear that he wants a truly open, inclusive and constructive conversation about the future of the Labour party: how can we craft an inspiring new vision and narrative? What should our new policy priorities be? How can we regain the trust of the …

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